The acolytes of evil head to the imperial world of Corona and find that creating chaos may be a bitter harder then they thought.

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4 comments on “Black Crusade: Towerfall part 2 of 2

  1. Syren says:

    Door is always open for more names. I am made of names. Sad to see Alastor have such a small part in the total, but still enjoying listening to the horrors of Chaos. Which despite your blase attitude to the system and the idea of being creepy evil bastards you guys play very well.

    I shall continue to pay you for your suffering as this scenario continues. Feel free to give David an extra slice of pizza for his pittance.

  2. Jake says:

    I find the system works really well for social interaction and skill tests, although even with my group’s munchkining of our characters testing anything at 130 is impressive. It doesn’t stand up nearly as well in combat, but once you get the hang of it, it is “passable”. Not nearly as good as other systems, but you can do some fun things with it.

    I still think the setting is one of my favourites, and it was my first Fandible game so I am rather attached to it. If you’re really hating the system that much, you could always run it in something like Fate, or another easily portable system and just keep the story going in a more palatable system for you.

    Congratulations on tying in three of your 40K games in one episode! Continuity is pleasing.

  3. Andante says:

    Holy cow, this was AMAZING. WoWoW. I love how you managed to tie in all the different characters from the different 40k games. And the scale of this game was just epic! Jesus, you’ve truly outdone yourself with this game!

    Xandra’s always a favorite, but all the characters of Team Evil Heist were wonderful in how they managed to weave so much personality and levity seamlessly into the grim dark setting.

    Also, I second the notion of running Fate 40k! I’ve been doing it for a year now, driven by similar issues as you’ve brought up! The Littlest Traders was fantastic, but I’m convinced you Fate can support a more grimdark game as well. Feel free to use my site for inspiration!

  4. CaptainStabby says:

    fwiw, when dodging multiple hits which the SM Termie would have generated, every 2 degrees of success by the defender on the dodge roll negates one hit. Some things have the ability to negate hits 1 for 1 with a dodge, like Genestealers. I think it’s unnatural agility that does that, maybe, something like that anyhow.

    wooo rules!!

    Also, Terminator Armor, that’s just cruel Jesus. Aaaaand holy crap the other guy.

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