We dive into the darker side of warhammer 40k as the Fandible crew gives the Black Crusade pregen game a run through. Will playing evil characters be to much for these players, or will the call of the dark gods tempt them towards corruption.  Considering the players involved, I’m getting my “WELCOME TO CHAOS” bumper stickers ready.

*We had some bad audio issues with this session. We tried to clean it up as best as we could but there are some parts you may find it difficult to hear. I blame the dark gods*

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7 comments on “Black Crusade: Broken Chains

  1. Cifer says:

    A most interesting podcast. I’ll certainly coopt a few ideas should I run this scenario.

    At certain parts, the audio was a little too quiet for me to understand on its own as I’m not a native speaker. Still, it was quite entertaining to listen to and I guess I’ll go on a little archive binge around here in the next weeks.

  2. Fabian says:

    Yeah, seems like you had some audio problems on this one. Did you get a new mic or something?

    In any case, the bit with the psyker (Castione or something?) mocking the Inquisitor with his creepy little song was genius.

  3. Arvandus says:

    Honestly, it was a mixture of the environment and the problems of editing. That day the sun decided that humans liked being burned alive so we had the Air Conditioning going full blast. I thought I would be able to edit it in post. Editing it out though, I noticed that the louder dialogue was fine but the small parts where the dialogue or the characters had lower voices became hard to distinguish. I was tempted to leave the AC in the background but it sounded like the wail of a banshee. I edited as best I could and posted what I had.

    I consider it a lesson in what is and isn’t possible with my currently limited editing skills and I’m currently learning (Googling) whatever tips and tricks I need about audio editing so that it doesn’t happen again. We have a lot of fun with these games and I hate the idea of people not enjoying them because of problems like this.

  4. Inquisitor Teivel says:

    Good to see you all return to 40k. Your other casts are great but RT, DH and now BC….they stand out for me.

  5. Foxbear says:

    please please do more BC! the characters were awesome and i can’t find any good BC playthroughs out their cept this one!

  6. CrackedOzy says:

    Nearly 3 years later and this is still the only BC podcast I can find. I wish you guys would do more!

  7. Barsher Da Barsher says:

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