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Rotted Capes Ep 18: Twas the Night 1 of 3

With Tapestry clinging to life and Heavy Metal gone for good, the heroes of Haven believe that their problems couldn’t get any bigger. However, a sudden snowfall proves that things can always get worse.

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Rotted Capes Ep 17: Robotic Revivals 1 of 2

Shepard is in desperate need of medical assistance. The Haven team has a theory on how they can help them, but they’ll need to ask for assistance from QUINN. Will this AI assist them or will she still be in mourning over the loss of Goldshot?

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Rotted Capes Ep 16 : The Vault

Still picking up the pieces after the Bar Bombing, the residents do what they can to restore haven to a workable state. Thankfully, one former member of haven comes in with an offer that may set everything right.

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