Origin Art by Gareth Simpson. The wound and new, torn symbol is added on.

Intro Music: Hitman by Kevin Macleod

Annie found, Shepard must now figure out what holy judgement his old mentor is planning to unleash.

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1 comment on “Rotted Capes Ep 19: Deadly Reunions Part 2 of 2

  1. Fairystail says:

    Shephard Clearwater had left.

    The unknown attacker hadn’t returned.

    Monstra had taken lead of the base, helping the sick and injured, making sure food, water and medicine went to those who needed it while sending out parties to go gather more.

    In all of this Steve was left ignored. He was okay with that, just pretend to be busy and he could coast through the mess with minimal work.

    So it is with that half-assed, lazy attitude that Steve found himself in the generator room, sweeping up the nails and scrap from the Bouncing Betty. A few nails here, a few pieces of metal there. It was half hearted and took three times as long as it should have but he was getting the room pretty clean. As he was sweepin Steve began to notice something though, there were a lot of scratches in the walls, one however was rectangular shaped. It was faint, you wouldn’t even really notice it but it was there. A door.

    Thirty minutes later and with the use of a knife Steve was able to wedge the blade into the crack and pull the door open. Assaulted by stale air, and seeing a dark stairwell going down Steve found himself with two choices.

    Go and explore.

    Or let Monstra know and get saddled with more work.

    So Steve went to explore.

    The stairwell was dark, his footsteps echoed all around him and a faint, faint sound could be heard. It sounded like……singing?

    Eventually the stairwell ended and Steve found himself in a dark room, flickering lights his only source of well light. There were machines, test tubes and dials everywhere.

    In the center of the room however was a large metal box. The singing was coming from within.

    ‘Seven Billion, Four Hundred and Twenty Three Million, Five Hundred and Sixty Three Thousand, Forty two bottles of blood on the wall. Seven Billion, Four Hundred and Twenty Three Million, Five Hundred and Sixty Three Thousand, forty two bottles of blood. Take one down and pass it around…..’

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