Shadowrun: Saints of Suffering Ep 4 part 2 of 3

Finally on the ship, the Omega Men must now convince the elite of Seattle to keep the Saints of Suffering going. Which should be easy, as long as something doesn’t go horribly horribly wrong.

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Shadowrun: Saints of Suffering Ep 3 Part 1 of 2

Meet the New Boss 1 of 2 Expecting another day of saving lives for poor pay, the Omega Men receive some exciting and terrifying news. Intro Music: Cyberpunk Underworld by Futant Shadowrun Episodes Other Games

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Shadowrun: Prime Ep 8 part 2 of 2

In Charity, New Jersey, any celebration with people, drinking and fireworks is a dicey affair. As opposing criminal factions seek to establish dominance during the festivities, a group of Shadowrunners, led by one of Charity’s own, show up to teach people how they party in Seattle.

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