Agents of the freehold find themselves bored out of their minds as the Autumn Court prepares for the transition to winter. Thankfully, the wyrd has a way of alleviating their boredom in the most spectacular way possible.

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13 comments on “Changeling the Lost: Winters Fall

  1. Sam says:

    You know I’m with Jesus at 1:17:50. The best way to deal with misbehaving rulesets is always to go for the grappling rules. Never fails.

    (seriously though loved the episode; can’t wait for the next session!)

  2. Steve says:

    I’m not sure if changing has some sort of weird rule, but NWoD has used a 1 only on a chance die as a dramatic failure since first edition (don’t have my book to be 100% sure, but my memory seems to coincide with what I can find on google about it). So the concern about contracts only applying on dramatic failures which will never happen is nothing new. If you want your players to dramatically fail you have to put them in positions where they have huge penalties, no skill, or a mix and match of the aforementioned two. Of course, chronicles of darkness gave some pretty good incentive with the beat (XP) system and aspirations.

    Not only can you get a beat per scene for choosing to turn a normal failure into a dramatic one, but you can have an aspiration related to that contracts dramatic failure as well! Further icing on the cake would be beats via resolution and other means on conditions (the likely consequence of a dramatic failure). Indeed, given the right condition (perhaps shaken or something similar where you can resolve it by failing a roll on purpose) you could get upwards of 3-4 beats (the fourth being for possible breaking points). With 5 beats to the XP, choosing to make ones contract a key part of the session could have huge rewards.

    I can’t emphasize enough how much better Chronicles of Darkness (NWoD 2nd Ed) is over New World of Darkness (1st Ed). The games are not so different that conversion is impossible. I’d go so far as to say you might consider putting the game on the back burner and playing other things until it can be accomplished.

  3. Michael says:

    The lead Dev at Onyx Path released beta test rules for Changeling 2E that uses the GMC update.

    Contracts, Courts, and Seemings work very differently in this version though so if you want to use it you’ll have to remake the PCs entirely.

  4. Decarcassor says:

    I was really looking forward to listen to you guys play CtL, but all we got was mostly a very sad combat scene. I’m glad Angela finally pointed out that you where applying parts of the wrong ruleset. Also 1 don’t substract from succeses and a botch can only happen on a chance die.

    Yes that mean that the botch effects for Contracts allmost never happen. It’s like the authors where also confused about how the rules worked when they wrote changeling the losts. But at that point its kind of a trademark of onyx path to have great settings with somewhat inconsistent rules scattered all over a huge book and obscured by flavor text.

    Anyway now that you have the rules straight (mostly), I’m excited for future episodes !

  5. crawlkill says:

    man a decade later people are still mixing oWoD and nWoD combat systems =\

  6. John Swan says:

    It looks like you got the rules mixed up between OWOD and NWOD. NWOD rules inflict 1 damage per success, you don’t roll. 1’s also do not cancel successes, they got rid of that in the NWOD because they upped the difficulty to a flat 8 rather than a 6. Hopefully you can get the rules right with some proper reviewing of the material. Otherwise it was a great game!

  7. Katsushiro says:

    Hey folks, to everyone commenting on the rules snafus- Yup, you’re right. I dun goofed on the rules, and bad. We realized it partway through that first session, and it was corrected for the second and ongoing. Do stick around for the next session, where hopefully we actually use rules closer to what is actually in the books (novel idea, I know).

    Also, we’re looking into the Changeling 2nd Edition preview rules, as it may be easier all around even if we have to make some changes. Keep an eye on my Twitter (@katsushiro) where I might post about it as I go. And where I’ll apologize when I screw up the rules absolutely horribly like this time too.

  8. Quorganism says:

    Down and Dirty combat guys. Give it a read, it has saved so many of my games.

    Changeling, for me, has always been the least combat focused WoD game I GM. Get your head around begging, bargaining and foot chases that end in either escape or more begging and bargaining.

    But I’ve kept to almost entirely Down and Dirty combat with Werewolf, and it works fine. I’ve personally found the turn by turn system really disruptive.

  9. crawlkill says:

    the only time rules confusions bother me is when people at the table are getting upset about them? it’s like, doing it wrong AND being mad about it is super frustrating to listen to

  10. Steve says:

    Yeah, I was kind of baffled by the willingness to stick with the broken rules. One of the things I use as a mantra for GMing is the scene ends whenever it needs to or is no longer interesting. Never are you obligated to continue a failing scene when the outcome is obvious.

  11. ThelastArchitect says:

    A good start! Great to hear there will be more chapters to this though.

    Supernatural NWoD *AND* you’re moving to 2nd Edition, be still my heart.

    Heads up, having used the Beta-Rules myself they seem to be pretty much complete if you can track all the posts with them down.

  12. Billy Coffing says:

    You suck, Dan!

  13. Marco says:

    The strongest Chihuahua that NYC has ever saw!

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