A modern day Willy Wonka, a Genie, a Alchemist, and a Demon Whisperer walk into a circus. It only gets worse from their. That joke is much funnier if your a Fae.

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7 comments on “Dresden Files Ep 6: A Faerie Dresden Christmas

  1. Thelastarchitect says:

    Great game 🙂 One LOOOOONG episode but more than worth the time to listen. 😀

    The Genie was especially good, as were the many awesome tents.

  2. Thelastarchitect says:

    That idea for a ‘Sliders’ podcast by the way was the single greatest idea that came forth of this entire podcast. To be clear, it is something you guys MUST do at some point. It would be amazing if done well, and you guys always do such things brilliantly!

  3. Euphaleric says:

    Loved the podcast, was really great during my trip up north.

    Why didn’t you choose to continue with your old characters though?

  4. Kevin says:

    Big fan of the back to FATE gaming. Just thought I’d point out that players are well within their rights to ask for Fate Points for good role play when it causes drama. (See “accidental compels” and “negotiating a compel” on p102-103.)

    The loss of character agency was something some of my Dresden group struggled with for a while. Strangely, its the solutions to social combat and Fate Bank Characters that I’m most looking forward to from the Fate 3 playtest. However, as you guys were quick to point out, you can always simply house rule that the GM gives FP out for RP or for “self compels”, but it should be in situations where it matters and causes drama/problems. Role playing how characters are best buds in the bar before anything happens to bank fate doesn’t really make sense.

    The explanation that got my players to wrap their heads around how the book presents it is that players earn fate when their characters are motivated to do something that they as players would prefer their characters not to do.

    By way of example, if you were doing Billyverse Fate, and a character has an aspect like “curious as a cat,” then the player should earn an FP when they go into the dark basement to investigate a sudden noise. The “correct” play as a gamer would be getting a weapon, a light source and a friend before you get down, but that character is just so curious they can’t wait to go down! And if the player heads down into danger, then should get Fate. they’ll need it…

  5. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for the help with Fate. We always appreciate assistance when it comes to systems. We do love Fate but we clearly have some things to learn about it.

    Oh! And as why we didn’t continue our past characters…. er…. truth be told? We got lazy. Couldn’t find our character sheets and so we made new ones 😀

  6. Thelastarchitect says:

    Oh . . . I hope you keep better track of your Rogue Trader, Unhallowed Metropolis and Hollow Earth sheets O_O

  7. Angela says:

    I’ll add that personally, I wasn’t finding a lot of satisfaction with Phoebe – a neat idea that just wasn’t meshing with the other characters. So I was planning on doing something new the next time we got into Dresden anyway. And I loved playing the genie!

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