It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Halloween! Four unlucky friends gather to celebrate all that is creepy and spooky, unaware that an invasion is coming from the most unlikely of corners.

Intro Music: Controlled Chaos by Kevin Macleod

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5 comments on “The End of the World : Heavy Metal

  1. Sam says:

    These End of The World games are always some of my favorites! There’s just something about 4 people who have no idea what they’re doing facing a wrathful GM that always makes it fun!

  2. John says:

    It seems they got the idea for this scenario from the Steven King short story “Trucks” which was later converted into a crappy film in 1986 called “Maximum Overdrive”. Much like the Story/Film, the machines were given intelligence from a signal from space and turned against their creators and masters. Still having all technology turn against mankind is a frightening prospect.

  3. Green says:

    I always enjoy listening to the End of the World games – they get better with each iteration of our four misfits. I was waiting for Jerry to activate Human Instrumentality. I was promised ascension!

    Jerry, can’t wait for the next part of your Let’s Play.

  4. Sean says:

    I love this game, and I really love listing to these play sessions. Great stuff!

    And John, ‘Trucks’ was turned into a crappy movie by the man himself–Stephen King directed it. Though in his defense, he was doing A LOT of coke at the time.

  5. Billy Coffing says:

    Hey, let’s not blame the coke on this one. Cocaine also brought us Cujo.

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