Imaginary terror becomes all too real as four attendees at a horror convention find themselves, victim, of a deadly and horrible force.

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6 comments on “Final Girl: No Vacancy

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Part one: School Bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere on the way back from Conference, and is haunted by the monster recently brought back to life (Jeepers Creepers 2).
    Part Two: same flick. Also: pics of puppy?

  2. Shonen Hero says:

    Fun episode! I wasn’t exactly too fond of the religious strawmen but then every victim was a strawman of some kind so I can’t complain. That soccer mom totally deserved to bite it too, so rude.

    Also, when is David setting up a kickstarter to fund his dream bar? I’ll be the first backer.

  3. Marco says:

    This game… I love this game so friggin much 😀

  4. Hans says:

    It seems against player etiquette and in general a weird way to show gameplay to constantly interrupt the narrator to narrate the death you want. It’s just bad form, even if you have a better idea, rpgs are co-op and allowing someone else’s idea to happen is what games like this are all about. It is fine to add extra details with permission, but whole deaths that impact the nature of the game? It’s disrespectful and tends to reveal a bad sport.

  5. William says:

    Final Girl is a joint storytelling experience which encourages people to join in when they want. Some groups do this, some don’t. It isn’t really a bad thing when a group that has been gaming with each other for seven years almost every weekend is comfortable enough to do this.

    At a con or fresh to a group? Sure. You need to be respectful to the individual who is narrating. You don’t know what the group dynamic is, so you should be cautious.

    When you are with a group that you trust and you all agree that a shared-narrative experience is more entertaining for you? There is nothing wrong with that. This is a goofy, one-off game.

    Now mind you, Final Girl is a co-op narrative game. In other games that have one storyteller, this is a little bit different. While we sometimes will offer a suggestion here and there, we leave the death descriptions and such to the storyteller.

    Thanks for your comment.

  6. William Todd says:

    Can you do More Final Girl podcast please.

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