Five More Youtube Channels to Check Out!

A few months ago, I suggested some youtube channels Fandible listeners might be interested in. Channels that I thought were fascinating, enlightening, or just fun to watch on a lazy afternoon. Well, I’ve decided to gift you guys with a few more youtube channels to fill those precious moments in between work and sleep. Don’t say I never give you anything.


You ever wonder what part of your personality Joey from Friends represented, or why Gus was a perfect foil to Heisenberg in Breaking Bad? Then you should check out Screenprism. Screenprism does an in-depth analysis of the psychology and meaning of the characters and organizations we know and love in popular media. From a video on why Phoebe is the perfect friend to why house Slytherin doesn’t get enough love. Go thru it and find out how much more depth your sitcom favorites actually had.

Matthew Colville

Matthew Colville is a professional game designer, writer, and dungeon master who spends hours on his channel discussing the ins and outs of world design. Everything from building countries to creating monsters is explored in detail and in an entertaining manner. Although it is Dungeons and Dragons focused,  his advice could be applied to many other roleplaying games or even your own writing.

The Templin Institute

When the Templin institute first started, I was instantly hooked. A lore channel with great writing and fantastic production values? Yes please! Since then, it has expanded to not only explore the history of alternate worlds but include stories and lore on their own original fictional universes. Go for the exploration of worlds like Warhammer and Lord of the rings. Stay for the story of the Greater Terran Union and their war to dominate… I mean to bring peace to the galaxy.

Terrible Writing Advice

Want a channel to give you writing advice but with a healthy dose of tongue and cheek? Then do I have a channel for you!  Terrible Writing Advice explores various genre tropes and cliches and explains why it’s an awesome idea to use them all in the laziest and most unoriginal way possible. Give it a watch and gain a big lesson on what not to do as a writer.

Yic17 Studio

There are so many video games being made with engaging stories that I wish I could play. Sadly time is limited and I’m just not able to go through the hours of combat and exploration necessary to view the juicy story bits. In order to view them, I need to watch those stories in a nice youtube package. And one of the best channels I’ve found to fulfill this need is Yic17 studio. This YouTuber goes thru my three requirements for a good game story watching experience.

1) He doesn’t talk over the game.

2) He brings in mods to make the game run as smoothly and look as great as possible.

3) He edits everything together in such a way to make it look less like a playthrough and more like a movie.

Give it a look to see if it has that game you have been meaning to play but you know you never will.


Ok, this is a bit of shameless self-promotion but for those interested, I also have a youtube channel I like to work on. I write fiction in and explore the lore of wargaming worlds. Everything from the history of Malifaux to the various factions in Age of Sigmar. If wargame stories are your thing, please give it a look.

I hope you guys enjoy all of these channels and I’ll come back with more in a few months!

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About the Author
Jesus “Arvandus” Rodriguez is the founder and website tweaker of the Fandible podcast. When he isn't out creating imaginary worlds for his players, he also runs a youtube channel where he writes short fiction in various fictional worlds.

1 comment on “Five More Youtube Channels to Check Out!

  1. Marco says:

    Nice suggestions! I’m hooked on Screenprism and TWA, but I’ll definitely check out the rest!

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