Gaming Event for NYCers!

Are you a gamer in the New York City area? Are you free on Saturday? Great! There’s an all-day gaming event happening in Manhattan you should absolutely check out: Recess! Eight hours of gaming, with a great variety of games on offer, from Dread to Fiasco to Hollow Earth Expedition.

Oh yeah, that’s right – I’m GMing my first game outside of the safety of Fandible at Recess, luring a whole new group of explorers into the Hollow Earth. I’m sooooooooooo nervous/excited! Watch this space next-week for a post-con report from me, as well as the rest of the Fandible crew who will attend.

If you’ll be at Recess, please come and say hi!

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A city girl with midwestern roots, Angela has been on the internet for far too long. A geek of many stripes, when Angela isn't pretending to be a different person every weekend she can be found reading, writing (that novel will come out some day!), or preparing for her eventual life as a crazy cat woman. Angela also blogs about gaming at the blog Gaming as Women http:///

1 comment on “Gaming Event for NYCers!

  1. *Poke* So, Angela: any news on that post-con game report? 🙂 *poke poke*
    *Snigger* Hey Billy, I’m poking your wife! Try and stop m- *snikt* OH MAH GAWD! Oww! My finger! That was my favorite nose-picking finger, whyyy?! Why was Angela carrying a concealed claymore and how is it even possible to conceal a two-handed weapon and I think I’m bleeding to death oh gawd.
    *Runs off to stem the blood flow*

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