Leaving Avalon in order to join with their fellow gargoyles, the three companions find themselves transported an ocean away from their destination. In this strange place, they discover that not even death can release a person from the pain of their life.

Constancy Part Two by Kevin Macleod

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5 comments on “Gargoyles: Dead Pain

  1. CaptainStabby says:

    All the episodes are available on the Disney Video site. I just started re-watching them recently. I’ts amazing how well they hold up.

  2. CaptainStabby says:

    Also I can’t type. :/

  3. Aurellion says:

    I’m honestly a little surprised that a fan-made supplement ran so smoothly. Glad you guys gave it a shot, and hopefully we’ll hear more NWoD supernaturals showing up. And David shall finally get his Fandigeist game.

  4. Lee Garvin says:

    Hey guys! I’m Lee Garvin, the author of that little bit of fan-dorkery, from way back in 199_. Hearing someone else play with my stuff is always a treat, and I’m glad this particular piece was found by folks who may be as big fans as me!
    It sounds like everyone had fun, which is, of course, my greatest goal. If you’d like to see any of my other work, please check out RCrpg.com.
    I only wish I had heard about your podcast sooner!

    Thanks for the memories!


  5. Lee Garvin says:

    BTW, Zizz is the best!

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