Geeky Topics Round Table Ep 3

Five geeks, one roundish table. The team discusses tech obsolescence in older settings, the changes required for roleplaying for podcasts, the good and bad of character roles, and the Kristen Stewart adultery scandal.

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2 comments on “Geeky Topics Round Table Ep 3

  1. Fabian says:

    You want a character creation system that sabotages you at every turn, try Mechwarrior: A Time of War. Good luck working with a character concept or even figuring what in the hell you’re doing. Oh, and have a science calculator ready, maybe a TI-Inspire or something like that, you’ll need it for all the number crunching. 😛

  2. Navagator Bob says:

    Love your podcasts!

    P39 main Rogue Trader rule book: Elite Advances list the mechanics for buying skills outside of your career. On the same page there is a Creating Your Own Career Paths paragraph. So if you wanted to make a level/path for a security officer you can just assign skills, talents and costs.

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