Geeky Topics Round Table Ep 6: What we are reading & watching, the upcoming Warhammer 40k mmo, and podcast shoutouts.

FandibleFeaturedFive Geeks, one roundish table. This week we talk about all the awesome stuff we are currently reading or watching, the Warhammer 40K MMO, our favorite podcasts, and what panels we might do in the far future.

Links: Stuff  You Should Know, CCPgrey, Titan network, Star talk Live, Giantbomb, Write about dragons, Feminist Frequency, The Idea Channel, This Week in Tech, Security Now , Tekzilla, Hak5,, Geologic podcast, Nerdist podcast, Geek and sundry, crunchyroll

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16 comments on “Geeky Topics Round Table Ep 6: What we are reading & watching, the upcoming Warhammer 40k mmo, and podcast shoutouts.

  1. Malkavianmadman says:

    Woot another GTRT can’t wait to listen to it.

  2. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Hoody-hoo! Thanks for the episode, looking forward to hear your thoughts on Feminist Frequency.

    Anita Sarkeesian raises some interesting points in her vidcasts.

  3. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    I think that’s the important thing to get out of Anita’s vidcasts. They’re not meant to be “This is how it is”. It’s just an interesting new perspective. I found myself a few times saying “I don’t think that’s how it is but that’s actually a really cool analysis I wouldn’t have thought of.”

    I look forward to more viewing.. when I actually have time!

  4. Lucek says:

    This podcast brings up a question that must be answered.

    One of the utmost importance.

    One that will determine if I continue to listen to anything Fandable or add them to my blocked pages.

    Monkeys or Birds?

  5. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    We stand united with Daniel’s answer.

  6. Arvandus says:

    The Fandible Man-Eagle has long been our spirit animal.

  7. Warren says:

    That’s racist! They’re called harpies.

  8. Of course, in the Warhammer universe, the Emperor of Mankind is typically associated with the Aquila crest, a two-headed Imperial Eagle.

    What might the Cpt Awesome-Pants Maquarius’ insignia look like? Some sort of eagle, but… more awesome… 😉

  9. CaptainStabby says:

    So… the WH40k game is essentially Planetside in that universe.

    It’s not reeeeeally a MMO, its a massive multiplayer shooter ey, thing. It’s not an RPG, at all and it’s not trying to be.

  10. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    You know what, that sounds like something more up WH40K’s alley. Instead of an MMORPG, I was thinking that a mass shooter would be a better fit.

  11. Erathia says:

    Ah, so many delightful points raised in this discussion. I’m going to pick one that wasn’t even technically asked I think.

    The appeal for me as Warhammer (both playing and running it) is that the universe is incredibly grim and fatalistic. By all accounts, mankind was doomed before the Horus Heresy even ended. Our God-Emperor is dying, and when he does the best case scenario is the Astronomicon is gone and human civilization completely collapses. The worst-case is that humanity goes the way of the Eldar and gets swallowed up to birth a new Chaos God. Technology is stagnating and forgotten, and controlled by religious doctrine with no possibility of improving the lives of trillion who toil and suffer their whole lives. Our primary enemies are the worshippers of four reality-warping Gods who can at any time be resurrected making their number effectively infinite, a limitless number of highly adaptable literal omnivores that have already destroyed galaxies, and a group of immortal, nigh-soulless entities who are awakening from a sleep they entered when they ran out of things to kill the last time they were awake.

    Given ALL of that (and a lot more), is there really any reason to even try to be good? If you come to grips with the soul-maddening horror of what life in the 41st Millennium would be like, then whether you live or die, how you react to the situations you are in is what really brings out great roleplaying.

  12. Syren says:

    On the matter of individuals you don’t always agree with, but that is always good to listen to as a matter of perspective I will always offer up the Savage Love podcast, from the mind of Dan Savage, answering questions about sex, sexuality, and the occasional liberal ranting(he is better set to sex).

    I also listen to damn near everything fucking Daniel listens to. *high five*

    I also, along with you fellows, listen to The Walking Eye podcast. Much like you all this is an actual play and gaming discussion podcast, great group of roleplayers and where I turned myself to completely after your Dungeon World fallout since they tend to do no real long term games, but do a hell of a lot of short games with reviews. Along with you guys they have really aided me in getting my feet wet in a much wider roleplaying world.

    On youtube I’ve been creeping along the Yale Courses lectures, currently along the Game Theory group, mostly because I am playing a horrific bureaucrat in my Exalted game, but also because I feel myself hungering for more education than I am getting in my daily life here locked away from the world. It is a strange measure of you being able to chase the things you actually want to learn about without dropping a couple thousand dollars on it.

    Does this imply that you people intend to rent out a Holiday Inn gala room and have Fandicon? With a side path of Fandilarp?

    On a topic of psychology and roleplaying Dave have you ever heard of Dog Eat Dog, it is a roleplaying game about colonization of an island nation a la Imperialism. It can get very very personal in the way you get to look at the persecution of native islanders even when you are trying not to make that happen. It was made by Liam Liwanag Burke as a subtle means of him being able to let out all his personal feelings on the matter as a half-Filipino and the concept that came in the form of early Spanish colonization. It can leave some very deep thoughts, and empty feelings, and definitely is not a game I would want to play more than once, and never with people I don’t know personally. But I will say it is definitely a game worth playing.

    I swear I have more in my head, but I am short on time. Keep up the greatness guys.

  13. Katsushiro says:

    *hi-5’s Syren* Podcast buddies!

  14. Arvandus says:

    @Erathia I couldn’t agree more. The harder it is to be a hero, the more rewarding it feels when the good you do actually succeeds, in my opinion.

    @syren The yale lectures look interesting. I might have to check out the “Frontiers/Controversies in Astrophysics with Charles Bailyn” especially.

  15. Pencil-Monkey says:

    On the topic of FandiCon, you might wanna take some inspiration from the Monkeys Took My Jetpack gamers (another group of tabletop RPG actual play podcasters), who
    organized a gaming convention with the charming and tasteful name MonkeyCon. Entirely virtual – they set up chatrooms and planned a time and date where their fans
    could drop in to play RPGs via Skype or play-by-post. Some of those games even got recorded and released, available at their site:
    You could probably find more people than just three squirrels who’d want a chance to game, or discuss gaming, with their FandiHeroes. (Almost typed ‘FandiIdols’, but that’s
    a bit too close to ‘FandiDolls’, which sounds like some special kind of Japanese robotic adult entertainment equipment, more suited for Daniel’s Penissiah.)

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