Geeky Topics Round Table Ep 7: Kickstarter Apology, race/gender in gaming, Xbox reversal

FandibleFeatured5 Geeks, one roundish table. This week we talk about the Kickstarter apology, race and gender in gaming, and the Microsoft Xbox reversal.

Links: Kickstarter Apology, Kingdom: Death, Mirrors edge controversy, Xbox Reversal Annoucement, info-structional hangouts with Pete Figtree, Defiance, lovecraft ezine


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15 comments on “Geeky Topics Round Table Ep 7: Kickstarter Apology, race/gender in gaming, Xbox reversal

  1. Lucek says:

    I don’t take really any opinion in the kick starter issue besides pointing out that the donation was just damage control that’s not going to hurt them in the end. Argue the size VS. the amount made on the project all anyone wants kickstarter makes millions and companies like that take every advantage to save a few bucks. I have not a single doubt that they planed this donation as part of charitable giving to help them out at Tax time.

  2. Kevin Bates says:

    While I agree that digital is the way of the future, it sounded to me like Daniel is confusing the issue. XB1’s DRM scheme is not identical to Steam. While you do need to sign in to download games, you do not need To sign in to play those games once installed. You can absolutely play steam games without an internet connection, the only thing you lose is the cloud save feature.

    I was glad to hear David bring up the 24 hour check in. The worst part was the MS employee try to defend it by explaining that you could call MS to reactivate your console if you didn’t leave power to your console.

  3. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Re: FandiCosplay, you should consider going for the Ginyu Force from Dragonball Z, rather than Voltron. Still five members, plus you get to strike super-absurd poses, and you’ll all have nicknames based off dairy products. Totes win-win.

  4. Euphaleric says:

    Ginyu Force. Yes. Yes forever.

  5. Syren says:

    Yeah as an armed forces member I can say that any 24 hour thing would at certain times pretty much turn my console into a brick for long long periods of time.

    On the Daniel thing of the future of gaming, and really of what it seemed like at a much broader image what Microsoft should have been promoting the xbone as. A multifunctional ubiquitous media system. And sure you can get all the pieces probably separate and better, but the concept of putting them all together is something that should inspire others to follow that suit. Shamefully they have marketed this poorly, and tried to go straight console gaming, and then kicked that every which way wrong. Then refused to apologize. Then apologized. A massive marketing failure, but I still have hope of the concept at the very base of this.

    I have hope because I imagine it will inspire this toward smaller and smaller things, and with the advent of augmented reality it may actually come to pass one day that I will get my own Shadowrun commlink, with the ubiquitous ad-hoc high speed wireless network that is required to make highly portable entertainment suits like that actually worth a damn.

  6. Gabriel says:

    Hello Fandiplayers!

    I just wanted to pipe up and say that you need to double-check the terms and conditions on your 3DS purchases… If you purchase digital content there, it’s locked to that 3DS, not your Nintendo account. DO NOT LOSE THAT 3DS! It’s the only 3DS that can ever download your software without a new purchase.

  7. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Jesus has the best ideas. So when does the Bigstarte… Err, Knockersta… Umm, Kickstarter go live?

  8. Syren says:

    Mother of God.

  9. Euphaleric says:

    please god no.

  10. Katsushiro says:

    … what… what just happened there?

  11. Pencil-Monkey says:

    MWAHAHA! Science!

  12. FandibleDave says:

    After we recorded this I realized I was wrong on something: The Xbox 360 actually is backwards-compatible, since Star Wars: Battlefront is a staple of my gaming repertoire.

    @Lucek My cynical mind went to that possibility as well. Though a sizable donation to a non-profit organization does have tax benefits, I believe that some sort of tax deduction for a company that is giving money to a charity that helps people is still a win in this case. The organization is assisted by the cash and Kickstarter pays for it’s mistake (in this case, literally).

    As for cosplaying, either we go as the Planeteers or no goddamn dice.

  13. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Hey Angela, somewhat off-topic, but in case you hadn’t seen this:

  14. Barsha Da Barsha says:

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  15. Arvandus says:

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