GTRT Ep 24: The Batman Episode

FandibleFeatured5 Geek. One Roundish Table. In this very special Batman episode, we discuss what Batman means to us, the Batman movies, and our favorite Batman villains.


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6 comments on “GTRT Ep 24: The Batman Episode

  1. Barsher D Barsher says:

    Oh god – BATman. Not Fatman.

    Ignore my rant about nuclear weaponry. How embarrassing!

  2. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Solid Rogues suggestions, dug them deeply 🙂
    And with the all the great Batman stuff in the GTRT, I’m going focus on Star Wars.

    Your Hayden comment reminded me of a cracked article (, that includes the other albatross around his neck: Wall to Wall Green Screen.
    Sir Ian “been at this longer than you’ve been alive” McKellen was driven to tears of frustration on the set of The Hobbit when he had to do the same thing (find your own pics, I’m not sharing a link to a weeping senior). Lucas the Lump, and that? Kid never had a chance.

  3. Lucek says:

    First love the fandatoaster reference.

    Next I think there can be made nearly no case for a negative toxoplasmosis diagnosis for cat woman in terms of risk factors or behavior.

  4. Mawdrigen says:

    Mr Freeze for president

    Slogan “How else will we fix global warming without changing anything?”

  5. NateD says:

    Oh man, Suckerpunch. I’m still sad about that. It could’ve been SO GREAT. *tears*

  6. mrm1138 says:

    The Superman-as-Godzilla argument doesn’t even make sense. Godzilla is a giant monster of varying degrees of sentience, depending on which movie you watch. When he fights another giant monster, the bottom line is that he doesn’t care if he’s causing collateral damage because humans don’t even rank on his list of concerns.

    So I guess if your ideal Superman is one that doesn’t care about people, comparing him to Godzilla makes sense except for the fact that it completely and totally misses the point of Superman.

    The reason that I personally disliked the climax of Man of Steel is because Superman didn’t really express any concern over the human casualties that would occur from his fight with Zod until the movie decided he should.

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