GTRT Ep 29: The Valentine Episode

5 Geek. One Roundish Table. This month we discuss RPG dating attributes, attractive physical objects, dating profiles, and The End of the World: Cupid Edition.

Intro Music:  “Rising to the Challenge” by Dan Allardyce

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4 comments on “GTRT Ep 29: The Valentine Episode

  1. Chris Durbak says:

    Hey, glad to see David trying out gk2gk. I actually met my girlfriend of three years on there and we’ve moved in together. The one thing I can tell you about online dating is be careful. Many people will not be who they claim to be, so just be careful, and stick to it, and it should eventually work out. Look for friends who you would also like to be more than friends, but can be friends with even if that doesn’t work out.

  2. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Speaking of people not being who they claim to be, not sure how much of the “Talented Mr. Ripely” bit was for lulz, but don’t be that guy. To paraphrase the best movie ever, (Moon Struck [shut up, it’s so bad it won 3 oscars]), tell’em the truth, they they find out anyway.

  3. Green says:

    David, when you’re going off on the Dune thing, don’t forget the “Oh, I heard it was the first idea about a God Emperor, which borrowed/used by 40k”, which you can then continue the conversation with on your end.

    Also, pilates will serve you better than yoga, if you’re listing things down. And you should take it up anyway, it’s excellent for your core.

    But no, Daniel was on the ball the entire time. Don’t be a Nyarlathotep, David.

    Also, not a backer, but the question should be : “Angela, why did you let these people back in your apartment?” 😛

    3 Love Potion things : Kindred blood, a Silmarillion (for flavor!) and just a pinch of heresy.

  4. Angela says:

    @Green – I’ll give you a freebie on this one – they give me fodder for the secret book I’m writing documenting geeks in the wild 😉

    Also, half of the blame lies on Billy, too!

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