GTRT Ep 34: The Game Discussion Episode.

5 Geeks. One Roundish Table. In this months Geeky Topics Round Table, we talk about Dexcon, Games we would run in a pinch, Games we know no one else would run, Games we would want to return too, characters we would have in a Vampire the Masquerade game, and Wonder Woman because it’s awesome.

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5 comments on “GTRT Ep 34: The Game Discussion Episode.

  1. Sean B says:

    Woot, see you folks at DexCon!

  2. Captain Red Ram says:

    I always love to listening to the GTRTs. Learning what the crew is thinking about various topics. Gaining insight to the crew’s thoughts on the games you play or what you enjoy most/least in gaming. I look forward to the next GTRT.

  3. Cayce says:

    Agreed, Captain! GTRTs are epic, and I luffles them!

    Also, Jesus, if you magically have time on the weekends, I would totally run Dark Heresy for you. I’ve been trying to find a group that would play it, lol.

  4. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Well if Billy is ever jonesing for masquerade bad enough, he can just use that idea he pitched… Which sounds awesome

  5. Warren says:

    I …fourth Part Time Gods, in whatever rules set you choose. That story and those characters felt like they had somewhere to go.

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