GTRT Ep 35: The Settings Episode

5 Geeks. One Roundish Table. In this months episode, we discuss what games we would love to play, the best episode to introduce someone to Fandible, and our favorite apocalypse.

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7 comments on “GTRT Ep 35: The Settings Episode

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Glad see another one of these up! In order: Love the idea of Fandible doing Quill and posting the results. There is a Faisco setting a wizard school that could work for your camp “HuffinPuff”. Creepiest Billyverse game, for my money, is Shattered Reflections, though Time After Time set The High Water Mark for music in games. Everyone of those End of the Wirld Ideas are choice. Thank all again for sharing your games. Larp: Dresdenverse Larp, playing a Ex-Russian Mafya WereBear.

  2. Fairystail says:

    Now my Larp would do the cliche thing of small abandoned town near a body of water, clearly a Friday the 13th Larp but instead of Campers or horny teenagers. The person playing Jason instead finds himself against clones of Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything.

    Totally excited by the idea of a New Hollow Earth, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

    Also please please please do the End of The World Purge edition. Please.

  3. Captain Red Ram says:

    I would listen to David’s one shot, that sounds awesome. I would love to listen to more God Machine Chronicles.
    The characters being assholes is one of the reasons I love the characters. Angela, I don’t think you ever mentioned which apocalypse/end of the world session is your favorite.

  4. Sam says:

    As someone who designs her settings by basically just layering two ideas on top of eachother, the LARP would have to be some sort of Victorian era supernatural mystery, with an under layer of either time travelers or aliens. Maybe both.

    I always forget about tabletop blockbuster when it comes to “really good one shots” I actually re-listened to it after this and yeah no that shit is hilarious. SoS is also a good option though, I do love those games.

    All of those End of the World scenarios sound AMAZING. I’m also very hyped to see what an End of the World game with emotional investment looks like so I’m crossing my fingers for when the September schedule comes out.

  5. Fabian says:

    Here’s an idea: Set a game in the world of Rick and Morty, and everyone is playing as an alternate universe version of Rick or Morty, working for the Council of Ricks.

  6. Jamas Enright says:

    If you do want to play three characters, (grabbing someone else’s explanation:) the Darkstryder campaign for WEG Star Wars included multi-character play. It was basically the story of a (small) capital ship venturing out into unknown space – kind of a Star Wars / Star Trek mashup. Each player had three characters – one of the command crew, another of the established crew, and a third of their own creation. Players switched between them based on the adventure and who they wanted to involve.

  7. Nate.T says:

    My question made the GTRT! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Somehow I never listened to Tabletop Blockbuster. Sounds like I need to queue that up now.

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