GTRT Ep 36: The Seven Year Anniversary Episode

5 Geeks. One Roundish Table. On this Months GTRT, we discuss our feelings about being part of Fandible for the last 7 years and our plans for the future.

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22 comments on “GTRT Ep 36: The Seven Year Anniversary Episode

  1. Nadine says:

    Congratulations for seven years of creating awesome stories!

    That Rebel Radio thing mentioned in the episode sounds like fun. Where can I find it? Google let me down on this one. 🙁

  2. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Congrats on seven awesome years ya’ll! I sincerely hope that we can look forward to that audio drama idea coming to fruition, as that would be dope as hell. @ weather likes Cthulhu the most: Caltrain press just kick it a half a game called something like Trail of Cthulhu one 2 one, he’s series of noir flavored detective games (with Mythos). If you’re looking to expand on solo shot style games, that would be a good way to jump in on something that is just coming out, and maybe get the attention of Pelgraine press. Kenneth Hite ended up running a game of Dracula dossier for One Shot RPG which really opened doors for them (much love to them, but y’all are by far my fave podcast)

  3. Sam says:

    In regards to Angela’s comments about putting a woman at the table I figured I could probably throw in my two cents on that…

    I first started listening to fandible maybe a year or two after I started playing roleplaying games. In my games were almost all guys, and the GM was ALWAYS a dude. When I first started listening to fandible the fact that there was actually a woman on mic was huge for me. And when I got to the stuff you were actually running? Hearing that was probably half the reason I worked up the nerve to GM.

    It’s kinda cheesy but this stuff does make a big difference, and I’m glad that you’re out here doing your thing.

  4. Sam says:

    whoops fucked up my email on that one. Ah well you all know who it is at this point.

  5. CallmeIshma3l says:

    @Nadine at this time you just got to look for the games in the Feed marked Rebel Radio
    @Sam Preach it.

  6. Marco says:

    Congratulations on your Seventh year anniversary!!!

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Angela says:

    @Sam – Who’s cutting onions in here?

    Seriously, that’s just incredibly lovely to hear. Thank you.

  8. I took a long hiatus from gaming, about 5 years. When I stated back, it was to join a friend’s Star Wars WEG campaign. This turned into hints being dropped about me running a VtM chronicle, which was my bread and butter those 5 years prior. To prep, I started looking online for Vampire actual plays, and found Fandible (that poor old guy in the apartment… Tsk tsk). I was immediately hooked, and started devouring everything I could from you all in an effort to learn, grow, and make myself a better Storyteller. A month ago, I broached the subject of starting a podcast with some of my players, because you guys inspired me to try my art with a wider audience. As we’re in our planning phase, this GTRT dropped today. It sounds dumb, yea, and I’m older than even Grampa Dan, but you guys make me want to do better, be better as a Storyteller and a performer. Your advice is invaluable, as is the example you set. Thank you so much for seven years of greatness (even though I just started listening a year and a half ago), and I can’t wait to see the success you have in the next seven.

  9. Adam says:

    So, your trip down memory lane has inspired me to tell the story about how I found Fandible, as it was a bit of a happy accident.

    It was the spring of 2015. The sunny was shining, flowers were blooming, and my DM had decided that he needed to step away from running our 5e DnD group because he needed to concentrate on “passing” his “finals” for “law school” and moving to the opposite coast to take his “dream job.” Seemed like a pretty flimsy excuse to me, but in order to keep the group going, I decided that I’d try my hand at GMing. Since (me and the DM aside) everyone was new to RPGs, I decided to expose them to something different. I’d recently gotten really into FATE games and chose the one that most appealed to me.

    I read the book a couple times and felt like I had a decent handle on the rules, but there were still a few things I hadn’t quite gotten my head around, so I decided to Google up some actual plays to see if hearing it in action would help. There were a handful of results, but not as many as I’d hoped. Luckily for me, Fandible had more than one game available. “These guys have to know what they were doing!” I thought and dove in… looking for rules clarifications… primarily concerning brainstorming… in Atomic Robo.

    Now, I love Atomic Robo. I love Fandible playing Atomic Robo (easily top 3 re-listens). But, even I would have to consider Fandible’s interpretation of the rules (especially in those early episodes, when the game wasn’t even officially released) to be… loose. I got through the first 3 episodes and was completely lost. Convinced that I had no idea what I was doing, I buckled down and studied. I read the book more. I listened to the other APs I’d found. I re-listened to Fandible. Over and over and over. A week later, I had learned a few things:
    1) I did know what I was doing.
    2) I was so lost to begin with because I’m primarily a visual person and just plain ole had trouble following what was happening in this new medium.
    3) Fandible was the wrong place to look for rules clarification.
    4) But, they were HILARIOUS. I had to have more.

    So, 2 and a half years later, I sit here at work, writing this instead of working and finishing up a re-listen of the gang’s HEX adventures. I can’t really put into words how much I appreciate the time and effort you all put into this for us. You’ve shown me more of this hobby that I love than I would have found on my own and you’ve taught me that sometimes (all the time?) having a good time is more important than a strict adherence to the rules (which was a tough lesson for a professional engineer). Thank you, Fandible, for being Fandible.

  10. Ranko says:

    Is this the site you would be looking for 😀 ?

  11. Arvandus says:

    I’m just saying, the wolf template had its charms…….

    Thanks for finding our shame Ranko…..

    : D

  12. Ranko says:

    Welcome. Will it feel better if I say that I think I can identify PHP Nuke based on the template?

  13. Duckmu says:

    Congrats on 7 years, and thanks for putting out all of this content. I’ve been listening for about 2 years and am almost done with the backlog (so close). I think the media training is really important and having listened to so much of the backlog see the differences that have been made over the years in production quality. The recent example I can think of is the solo shot. I love the story and characters but the first few episodes were hard to listen to because of all the cuts from the editing, but it has gotten much cleaner.

  14. Captain Red Ram says:

    Congratulations on 7 years. I’ve been listening since the World of Darkness: God machine chronicle games. I had listened to other actual play podcasts but none were using the new rule set and I wanted to see how they worked. Although I did not find what I was looking for I started listening to other games of Fandible. I look forward to see what Fandible does in the future. Seven years and an Audio drama!

  15. Matthew Proehl says:

    Congratulations on 7 years!

    Regrettably, I can’t claim to have been a listener for long. It’s been… two years tops, I think? I remember finding you guys when I went to look for actual plays of Mage: The Ascension, but then ended up actually listening to the Numenera episodes since I had been interested in that for a while. Over time, I pretty much just downloaded the Numenera episodes for fear of crowding my already well-populated podcast feed, but that didn’t last long. World of Darkness games tugged at the strings of my secret heart, so I got those too. Soon enough, I was looking at each episode from games outside of my usual interest and thinking seriously about catching up on the ongoing stories.

    So I did.

    I went back and got all of the Shadowrun episodes, which got me through a lot of travel for work, and still have Atomic Robo in my queue. They fall to the back of the queue, behind everything new that comes out, but I’ll get there.

    You guys are now my favorite podcast by far, and I’m excited every time I see a new episode in my feed.

  16. Cayce says:

    I would 100% be a worse GM and roleplayer if I had never run across Fandible, and I’m incredibly thankful that y’all make these GTRTs! There is an alchemy at work in every rpg group, but it’s really rare to get such a wonderful glimpse at that alchemy outside of the RPGs (even if those are what most of us come for), and I loved having a chance to hear more about how Fandible came to be.

    Also, though I normally say I’ll have to buy yall a drink someday, after the revelation about blackout rebel radio, I think I’ll have to come up with something else 😛

  17. Blightedmarsh says:

    When we talk about having a woman at the table you have to remember 1 clear thing. Women are first and foremost PEOPLE!

    They do not speek in one voice, they do not agree on all things, they do not want the same things, they do not all see the world in the same way.

    Some women are inteligent and inciteful, some are utterly and completly and incurably stupid. Some are wonderful and compasionate human beings. And some are hateful psycopaths who need to be taken out back and shot. Trying to boil down 50% of the world population to a uniform lockstep is ignorant and doing them a diservice.

    Weather it is worth having a woman at the table is entirly dependant on the woman in question. A persons value and the value of their inputs and points of view is not dependant on religion, or race, or sexuality or gender. The question is not should we have a woman at the table. The question is should we have this person at the table.

  18. Angela says:

    Oh. Thank God some Internet Stranger is here to Wall O Text at the silly woman who had an opinion on the internet.

  19. William says:

    Yeah, I wrote an entire page of text. I thought “hey, maybe I should take the time to inform this guy of how unneeded his statement was”. But it isn’t worth the energy. You’ll go back to whatever toxic environment you come from, get patted on the head for ‘triggering’ us, and continue feeling like you are the Rick in a sea of Mortys.

    Clearly. Woman are individuals. No shit, Sherlock. Also, the sky is blue and the grass is green and the internet is vast.

    Cool beans.

  20. William says:

    [The last comment has been removed]

    And nope – you’re comment is gone.

    You can email us if you want to debate this topic but seriously – there is a time and place for this conversation. And that place isn’t here.

  21. Burning Pen says:

    If I felt like being concise I would just say thank you, but I don’t. I have been listening for about 5 years. And over that time I have watched you grow from a collection of humorous role players to a group of comedic, serious, enthralling, and emotional storytellers. You have grown both as people and as artists (yes I mean that). You all like make my life better, you give me my role playing fix to, but not just that. There is so much more to Fandible than some Geeks around a table with a mic.
    So thank you fandible for this 7 year Journey. Thank you for your laughter, emotions, camaraderie and stories.
    Thanks for sharing and making a difference for your fans.

  22. Fairystail says:

    It always shocks me how you guys can go from funny to serious to funny again. I almost wanted to give Billy a hug, he was so sweet when he was talking about everyone at Fandible and realising how you guys were actual friends. Then a few minutes later you were back to giving David shit.

    Also I always forget how it must be for Angela as I forget that roleplaying is a male dominated hobby, i’ve heard horror stories of Vampire players characters raping a female player’s character and the female being told to get over it. Of the standard 1 chick playing with lots of guys who keeps hitting n her, or even for myself. I’m a guy who plays online a lot but I have a very feminine sounding user name, (Fairystail or Fairys for short doesn’t sound manly apparently) and being called babe and asked for my snapchat by complete strangers, however my normal day to day gaming life i forget most of this except when listening to Angela’s games and while some people do say that sex doesn’t matter, its only when Angela runs a game that I realise how few female NPC’s that aren’t love interests or the femme fatale or damsel in distress there actually are in my games, wether i run or play.
    I’ve tried to fix this and I honestly think my games are better as a result.
    Its easy for people to say sex doesn’t matter, but there still is a difference.
    I think i lost my original train of thought, and not sure I said what I meant to say clearly but yeah.
    Thanks Angela

    Jesus the wolf template was…….something.
    But in all seriousness I want to thank you so much, I found Fandible by searching for advice about how to run Unhallowed Metropolis.
    I ran my first proper game, after listening to you guys, I don’t think I stole anything from you guys at that point in time, but just listening to you guys play, listening t the fun you have with all of the different types of systems, thinking to myself about what I would have thrown in in certain situations and giving in to my hubris that I could do something better, well if it wasn’t for you guys I probably wouldn’t enjoy running games, probably wouldn’t enjoy so many different systems as I do now if it wasn’t thanks to Fandible.

    David, they keep giving you shit for not being around the full 7 years well what I say is tie them up, lock them in your basement for a year and a half, do the podcast yourself with your amazing vocal talents and then when you let the go free, then you would have been in Fandible longer, then you can mock them!
    Also i can not do voices, I am horrible at them and it is unpleasant for everyone involved but even then, I enjoy listening to your accents so much that I have slowly and only recently I admit, but I have been practicing, trying to slide a few voices into my games and while they suck, HARD! I just want to say thanks for the motivation? Not sure if thats the right word but thanks

    Billy, I still haven’t forgiven you for Shrouded Lullaby. However that says a lot about you that I can honestly say years later, I still remember that game clearly. I still feel the emotions i felt while listening to that session, the emotions may be a lil muted but still. I hope one day I can be as masterful and invoke such strong emotions in my games as you are capable of.

    Daniel, I saved the best for last. To put it simply you make me strive to be a better person, mainly cause I follow your twitter where you are constantly talking about all these things you are doing to imrpove yourself and making me feel bad in comparison but still.
    Also I can’t not like you the most, you share the same name as my favourite person in the world. Myself. and I need you on my side for when I start the great Daniel Uprising of Christmas 2017, us Daniels shall rule the world as is our right!

    and that was a long, wall, several stories high of text but thanks guys.
    Thank you so much

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