GTRT Ep 40: The James Gunn Episode

5 Geeks. One Roundish Table. In this months GTRT, the Fandible crew talks about people we would love to Game With, NPC’s to PC’s, and the James Gunn Firing.

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3 comments on “GTRT Ep 40: The James Gunn Episode

  1. Fairystail says:

    One of the issues with the court of public opinion is that, oh t his person said this horrible thing a long time again, he must be punished, he has not changed. It’s just if you refuse to believe that people can change then things like prisons or therapy or even something as simple as a warning letter at work saying shape up or you’re fired. All of that loses their purpose and you should just be fired that one time you show up late to work.
    Everything has different levels of course, and different punishments are necessary but serious and proper thought needs to be done, once seeing the available evidence as Dan said./

    In other topics, great GTRT guys and clearly Zapp Bran,,,McGuffin would make a great My Little Pony character. Kacha will rule the ponies!

  2. Magicite says:

    Don’t worry friends, we have you covered: there’s a Campaign Setting called Ponyfinder that’s compatible with Pathfinder & 5e. People have used it to run a pony game in a Fallout setting. Crazy.

    As for James Gunn – eh. That Disney HR didn’t have him scrub his social media (or just delete/remake) given the climate is a bit on them.

    Best person to game with – that’s a tough one. If we’re both players: Mark Hamill in a Superheroes game.

    If they’re GMing, I would want to take Tolkien but I think he might be too hardcore for me. George Lucas, Old Republic Star Wars.

    Great Round Table!

  3. Dean Bailey says:

    Hi guys.

    Good round table discussion.

    The James Gunn discussion was interesting. Angela raised some thought provoking thoughts that I had not considered.

    In regards to your final question, I think Glory Hog should be brought back as a My Little Pony character.

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