GTRT Ep 41: The System Argument Episode

Five Geeks. One Roundish Table. In this episode of Geeky Topics Round Table we discuss game systems we had issues with, Fandible Video Content, Discord, and what fictional world would we love to run as an RPG.

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5 comments on “GTRT Ep 41: The System Argument Episode

  1. PhoenixScientist says:

    Miral – blow up Trex costume
    Varik- sexy cowboy
    Tagos – A French Maid
    Koen – Sonic, obviously

  2. Captain Red Ram says:

    Since I’m a broke bloke I’ll post here. Always love when you guys do GTRT. One page RPGs or games like FATE where you can get input from outside the game could work well on twitch but it would help to have another person or mods forwarding this so the GM doesn’t have to constantly watch the chat for responses. I hope to be able to see the twitch games live when they occur.

    Going along with Phoenix Scientist’s theme would we should have Neok as Shadow.

    I went to a Halloween party this previous weekend and I went as Professor Oak (Anime).

  3. james burns says:

    Nice call to 6 String Samurai. I watched that in college and man it is so strange ,but in a good way.

  4. Duckmu says:

    So, regarding the Discord server (as a Patron who is on there) I would, I would like to see some separate channels for discussion. It can be difficult to keep up with the discussions about various games because they get buried in the general channel. So a Longshot channel, a Soloshot channel, and a few other channels for longer running games would be nice, as well as one maybe for GTRT. It wouldn’t be practical to make new channels for each episode, obvs, but making a specific place to discuss specific topics would make it easier to engage. I’m not suggesting getting rid of the general channel, but leaving it for people to just socialize and talk about David’s awful rolling in general instead of the more specific awful rolling in one game or another.

  5. Daniel Barker says:

    @David, totally understand what y ou mean about Savage Worlds, i love the system (at higher levels) but death is not something it allows you to get around very easily.

    Also, not for Halloween but last weekend i dressed up as Rhys from borderlands, may take the robotic arm and claim im a cyborg for Halloween. and be prepared for MY baked goods on discord then. I have a nice surprise im making for my work mates.

    Circle of hell question? Im totally Sloth

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