Happy Birthday to Me

It’s that special time of year again where we say goodbye to the scorching heat of the summer and gently glide (or should I say… fall?) into the Autumn months, awash in pumpkin spice and the growing options for outfits that the slightly cooler temperatures offer us. This season is also home to one major event on the calendar: My Birthday. It’s with this in mind that I offer you lovely people a wish list, in no particular order, of the things I would most like from Fandible this coming year.

1: Dungeons and Dragons.

Okay, look, the overwhelming majority of tabletop gamers out there cut their teeth on this property, and if you’re interested in podcasts that depict D&D you won’t have far to search before you find one. We chose to go another way for our games, and while we’ve amassed a sizeable catalogue of systems and settings under our belts, we’ve only really dabbled in the Granddaddy of RPGs. I want dungeons, traps, banshees guarding treasures and shameless min-maxing for levelling up. I want absurd names and holy weapons and loot and killing monsters with zero moral conflicts. I wanna say “I’m tired of these motherfuckin’ Snake Men on this motherfuckin’ Air Ship.”

I want Magic and Murder Hobos. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s what I want. Birthday parties for kids are a source of awesome creative ideas.

2: More Brisket… I Mean More Smaller Games.

The Soloshot brilliantly utilizes passion for a setting and combines it with the chemistry and storytelling possibilities that two people at the table can offer. The occasional side story for The Longshot only requires two or three people at the table and Rebel Radio is open to anyone willing to walk through the door at the beginning and stumble out at the end. These smaller sessions allow for Fandible to record more and get a story out there and only has to organize a few schedules as opposed to the whole five. We’d still record every week like we do, only sometimes on a Sunday we’d throw together a game for whoever was around. Maybe actually try online recording. Why not? You don’t always need Voltron. Sometimes a few lions wanna roll some dice in the downtime. (I’m the green lion, btw. Obvs.)

3: Pew Pew Pew! More Sound Effects.

I’m really digging myself a hole here, but I want more sound effects in our games. (Yes, this includes the games I run and edit.) Adding this to our edit time may require we change up the workflow, like someone becomes the “sound effects person,” but it will add that extra spice to our games to bring them to the next level. (And considering that I’ve been admitted to the hospital for hot sauce related injuries three times now, I think I know something about spice.)

Also there’s a whole “sound effects” thing on our mixer we never use and damnit it’s a red button and I wanna push it.

4: Fandible Creation Lab.

Fandible’s love for playing games is only surpassed by our insane ability to come up with our own ideas for games. Honestly, we could bill ourselves as a think tank if we weren’t so busy making puns and rolling dice. Our recording area is a treasure trove of discarded notes for our own settings and it’s a crime that we haven’t released them to the wild. Look, if people can release page self-published ebooks on Amazon then we can publish something about soda cans having a brand war in the dead of night in a supermarket like The Warriors. It’s called “Can You Dig It?” See? I made that up all by myself. Imagine what the whole team has come up with.

5: Savage Worlds.

So help me Cthulhu I will get the whole team on board with how great that system is if it kills me. Fox in a Box Escape Rooms is an unforgettable experience and a good birthday party idea.

So there you have it. I know I left out the usual “Go To More Cons” and “Guest Storytellers” because that’s well trodden ground by now. Obviously I’d love to walk into New York Comicon with a Press Badge like we’re a Big Deal but I think that’s true for anyone in the podcast game. So what would you like to see on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

And no, you don’t get to know how old I am.

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About the Author
David is a human, standing at average human size with human features. He is not an android, that would be ridiculous. He is fond of horror movies, so-bad-it’s-good movies, stand-up comedy and humor sometimes inappropriate for a given setting but within the accepted parameters of average human interaction. David reads H.P. Lovecraft with human eyes, speaks about Cyberpunk with his human mouth (using vocal chords, not embedded speakers) listens to podcasts with his human ears and typed this from an undisclosed location with his human hands. He was created in New England.

4 comments on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. xXWeaponPrimeXx says:

    If you guys need a library of sound effects, I have a metric ton of free use ones I was given in school that I would be more than willing to share with you.

  2. PhoenixScientist says:

    Happy Birthday!
    … Also be careful with that hot sauce…

  3. Dave says:

    @xxweaponprimexx thanks! Go ahead and email us, anything is greatly appreciated! Especially if it cuts down on me having to find sound effects.

  4. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Happy Belated B-Day!

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