Family tension runs high as the travelers meet with Koen’s troublesome brother.

Longshot Episodes

Theme song by Daniel Allardyce
Shipboard Railgun
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.

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2 comments on “Longshot Ep 113

  1. Duckmu says:

    Isn’t the rule in Numenara when you spend exp for a reroll, you take the best roll? I.e. once Angela was allowed to spend exp to reduce the difficulty of the Dan plan to 9 it would have succeeded since Dan had previously rolled an 11? I know rules were being bent around all over the place and apparently you entered a realm when the only number that exists is 2, but I think that’s the way it is in the book. Oh well, I’m sure the failure of the plan will give some interesting story developments. Is Koen still turning crystalline? Can he eat anything? Were this traits taken with his hedgehog-ness? I assume not, but it could be interesting if Neok also had gained these traits when he took Koens powers.

  2. PhoenixScientist says:

    From a player perspective I would be so frustrated at the turn of events… and at the dice. I think it shows a real trust between player and GM that there was an expectation of a greater story in the future.
    I do wonder if you guys can include some character develooment discussion, because I know Koen lost a lot of EXP, will he jeep the EXP and just not be able to spend it on the same things? How are you planning on this, what appears to be, hamstrung character?
    Looking foward to more.

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