The dark presence cleansed, the twins rush to Glavis to stop a greater evil. 

Longshot Episodes

Theme song by Daniel Allardyce

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8 comments on “Longshot Legends Ep 8

  1. CZGrey says:

    Loved this legendary – hah!- run. It’d be interesting to see them again later. Or if Varrick and Miral ever have to leave the game . . Just saying.

    Is it just a twin or a set of twins?
    If it’s a twin mine would Control Gravity, if it’s a set then the other one Provides Support

  2. Billy says:

    The way the twins work for the Church is one has the power and the other one has “Forms a Bond”. This allows them to use the other twin’s foci and also provides telepathy and some bonuses. It’s a really cool Foci. So one of your twins would legit have ‘Control’s Gravity”. And the other would have “Forms a Bond” thus allowing you both to have crazy gravity control fun!

  3. CZGrey says:

    Oh yeah I would totes be down for that. Nothing like twice the control especially near those higher tiers,

  4. CZGrey says:

    Also.. afterthought. Is it just that way for the Suns and Shadows of the Church? If so do they have some method to test that and that’s why Varrick and Vekis were brought up as monks, and Teppin and her Twin were just Curch members ?

  5. Billy says:

    The powers given to the Order of the Light and Order of the Shadow are bestowed on them. You see, if you are brought up with the Church, you either go into the Priesthood or the Guard. Now if you’re twins and you show skill in fighting, you have a chance to be bestowed powers.

    The twins at the age of 10 (No older. No younger) are then brought into a room within the church. This room has a purple glow to it – much like the mirror over the city. The children are to sit and meditate for three days. They either grow sick and die or they grow sick and then get better.

    If they survive the ordeal, one will have powers and the other will have ‘Forged a Bond’. Of course, this does change them mentally. They never really experience a ‘sexual awakening’ – as you saw with our characters. They could sit in front of each other in a bathhouse and it’s just not weird to them. In a way, they’re innocent. They don’t care for money or power or sex. They just want to help. They’ve been touched by the twin gods – and that sort of makes them see the world like their deities. They don’t fully understand the idea of being human anymore. They actually have a harder time detecting lies – and in truth, are easily tricked into doing bad things for the sake of the Church. This is actually a good thing for the Church because it makes them easier to handle.

  6. Billy says:

    Varick and Vekis wouldn’t have sat still for one day let alone three. The Church didn’t have the fortitude to deal with their rebellious nature. The monks of the mountains had the wisdom and patience to handle the boys.

  7. PhoenixScientist says:

    Wonderful games. I was totally hooked from the first word to the last.

    My twin power would be energy redirection.

  8. PhoenixScientist says:

    By the way, Billy, I love all the extra bits we are learning about thhe church and the city.

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