Numenera_HeaderAfter barely surviving one encounter with violent sea life, the travelers discover even more trouble on the Ninth World’s seas. A Numenera Actual Play.

Longshot Episodes

Theme Song: A Caravan on the Plains by Daniel Allardyce

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2 comments on “Longshot Ep 10

  1. Thanak Drahz says:

    Loving the Longshot Fandible, please keep it up.

    Obviously the story(/comedy) is the most important thing in your games and you’re all nailing it, but one of the mechanics you’re ignoring/forgetting/glazing over can come in real handy to anyone not wanting to die prematurely. Each character gets four recovery rolls per day, giving them d6+level points for topping up their stat pools after a one round, ten minute, one hour, and ten hour rest respectively. If a character ever gets knocked out for a period of time it’s generally worth at least asking the GM if you can use that time unconscious to make a recovery roll. I mean, it’s not like Jesus is actively trying to kill all the players, right?

    I also want to thank and congratulate David for actually using the Homunculus Pill. A player found one in a brief Numenera game I ran but never got around to using the thing. We did have a lot of conversations about how it manages to help its “parent” convince people of things though. My friend was of the firm opinion it would run somewhat like a Panda Cheese commercial.

  2. Sam says:

    For anyone who missed Fandible’s dice shamming on twitter:

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