As they come closer to discovering the mystery of Whaleton, the travelers may unleash a cataclysm of whale sized proportions. A Numenera Actual Play.

Longshot Episodes

Theme Song: A Caravan on the Plains by Daniel Allardyce

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17 comments on “Longshot Ep 17

  1. Lance Park says:

    I want a Geeky Trek Round Table….
    Also: Sisko is THE BEST CAPTAIN. Janeway is the worst.

  2. Sam says:

    I feel like we should all send you some nicer d20s, those dice seem to be kicking your ass on a regular basis.

  3. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    Janeway is awesome. Sisko got better. Kirk is the worst. Picard wins it all.

  4. Lance Park says:

    How?? That episode depicting Voyages as a warship?? They were spot on for Janeway. Murdered Tuvix straight up.

    Archer? Way better than Janeway.

  5. Arvandus says:

    OK, I had issues with voyager, but Archer better then Janeway is a bit of a stretch. The problem with voyager is a inconsistent script that couldn’t decide what they wanted the show to be. Either a spaceship crew making harsh decisions to try to survive on thier quest home or just another star trek series where nothing changes because they can go to star base 2947 to resupply. If they had stuck to thier guns and stuck with the former, a Tuvix episode would have had a lot more impact. Especialy if it had ramifications down the line.

    I did like Kate mulgrews portrayal of the character, its just her reasoning seemed to change episode to episode. I blame the writers not the captain.


  6. Lance Park says:

    Agreed. Sisko is best
    He punched Q in the face.

    I also agree that 90% of what was wrong in Voyager came down to writing and inconsistencies: how many shuttles did they lose? Delta Flyer got rebuilt how many times? Where did they get more photon torpedoes from? Why is every Chakotay episode focused on his Indian heritage???

  7. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    Pssh. Tough decisions were made in the Delta. And those tough decisions were probably what made episodes better. Sisko got better AFTER he started making tough decisions. Let’s not forget that Sisko straight up broke his Federation training as well. He knew what Garrik did to the Romulans (after he tried to lie to get them into the war).It was the right call but we can’t say it was entirely ethical. And it was an awesome moment for him.

    Heck, Picard made some pretty sad choices. He doomed an entire planet to die (only for Worf’s brother to sneak a bunch of people in via the holodeck) because the Prime Directive. It was a hard decision where he weighed an entire culture against the core tenant of the Federation – and again, I loved it for it because it was a defining moment.

    Archer even refused to help an entire race of aliens who were dying even though they had the cure on hand. And he didn’t even have the Prime Directive – just the doctor telling him that helping a sentient race might be screwing up the evolutionary process on their planet.

    So when Janeway had to make a tough call, it wasn’t uncommon for the Star Trek universe. I could understand her reasoning behind doing it, but it was a sad choice. I don’t think it broke her character but it certainly defined what kind of captain she was.

    As for why I can’t give Sisko a higher spot – he was boring for the first two – three seasons of DS9. Once the Dominion started making itself known, he was fantastic – absolutely. But Picard and Janeway? They were interesting, dynamic characters from season one. Again, Voyager had a lot of issues with poor scripts – but Kate M. acted the shit out of what she was given. Even if I didn’t agree with everything she did, I still believed her character when she made them.

    Angela and I actually watched the entire series back to back a few years ago and there were some problems with the Voyager script. Chakotay focus episodes sucked. And they just got worse as time went on because they were only focused on spirituality, it felt. Harry Kim just… never changed. Some scripts were poorly written… but honestly, I actually think they did an okay job with the Photon Torpedoes (not the shuttle crafts!). I think someone did a count and they only shot 39 photon torpedoes until season five – and then I figured they were able to figure out how to adapt something with borg technology or the like. But anyways – yes. Voyager didn’t have the best stories – great concept, but bad execution. But I still maintain the Janeway was a solid captain.

  8. Lance Park says:

    …Nope. I still feel Janeway is the worst. No fault of the actor, I agree. Mulgrew did the bast she could considering the terrible scripts. The problem is I feel like a lot of her decisions felt shoe-horned, as in “it happens because the script says it happens.” Maybe it’s because I felt there was no consistency in her character so I could never tell, really, which way she WOULD go.

    Like the episode where she saves Kes. Portrays her as a hard-nosed Scientist til the very end…..and then supposedly she gets a little bit of Faith….that never really shows up ever again.
    Then you have all the times she deals with the Prime Directive, disregarding it and enforcing it in what feels like an arbitrary manner….

  9. Lance Park says:

    Though we can all agree: the episode with Neelix dealing with being dead and having an existential crisis is pretty damn good.

  10. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    I think Janeway’s enforcement of the Prime Directive and her situation of being the only Federation ship in the Delta Quad was always a balancing act. And again, she was put in a pretty heavy situation! She had limited supplies, limited crew, and limited allies, so her breaking from the Prime Directive on occasion to save her crew made sense to me.

    She was a great captain with her own personality and style. She was a scientist but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have some aspects of faith – especially when it came to faith in her crew members asking for trust.

  11. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    And yes – the crisis of faith with Neelix was fantastic.

  12. Lance Park says:

    The problem I have with that is I never really felt that kind of desperation in any of the show, or even from any of the characters. Like maybe one episode a season was there any sort of “O SNAP RUNNIN’ OUTTA STUFF.”

    To be truly faithful to that? I should’ve been feeling that desperation much more. In the Equinox episodes I certainly felt it…from the Equinox crew. Season 3 of Enterprise I felt more desperation and tension in their race to find the Xindi Superweapon, and it had a great moment where they just outright stole a Warp Core from a completely innocent alien ship. Straight up Stole it. I can’t think of a similar moment in Voyager.

  13. Fandible Dave says:

    I like Picard because him and Chewie blew up the Death Star.

  14. Lance Park says:

    …..Record Scratch.

  15. Sam says:

    David how could you.

    Clearly the right answer is Sheridan; his role in the shadow war really makes him the best captain overall.

  16. Lance Park says:

    ….No. Just….No.
    John “Nuke’em All” Sheridan.

  17. Erik Fredrickson says:

    Ok a little behind, but yes Sisko was the best. Just watch the episode where they enlist the Romulans help against the Dominion – he made the tough choices, not just the Federation goody-goody choices.

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