Numenera_HeaderThe traveler’s journey goes to a rather strange place when they encounter a truly eccentric observer. A Numenera Actual Play.

Longshot Episodes

Theme Song: A Caravan on the Plains by Daniel Allardyce

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2 comments on “Longshot Ep 28

  1. Mawdrigen says:

    The Kansas spiders? Is that like the Pennsylvania wasps?

    First question: did Billy read my mind or did I read his when making characters (my larp character is awfully similar to verik/vekis!)

    Second question: koen/neok, is it a player decision or a mechanics thing that the beast is not player controlled?

    Third question: how are you actually finding the system, it seems very rules lite, but do you feel you have enough options/gimmicks to separate you from each other.

    Fourth question: how do you come up the adventures did you have it all planned out before hand, or do you let each adventure grow from the last one?

    Fifth question: what is your favourite cypher/oddity/artefact?

  2. Billy Coffing says:

    First Question – Well, it sounds like you made the character first for a LARP so I guess I stole it! Honestly, the reason I made Vekis and Varick was because I just watched Legends of Korra and loved the two brothers. I asked if anyone would consider being brothers – and I got no takers. SO! I though – wouldn’t it be cool if I was twins stuck in one body. I asked Jesus if that was possible and he wasn’t sure. Then Angela found ‘Existing in Two Places at Once’ and it was exactly what I wanted. We modified it a little but it worked well.

    Third Question – You know – I wasn’t a huge fan starting out but it does grow on you. The thing about Numenera is you feel powerful. Like… me taking on five guards with just me and my clone wouldn’t have happened in any of the other games we play. BUT there is a sort of fun to being able to take on mooks without worry. Is it my favorite system? Naw. But it is highly enjoyable, easy to use, and it’s also easy to adjust if you want to change a power or what not. So the system is good and I really like how Jesus runs the setting. I’ve heard other Numenera games out there that get really really really Cronutie. Jesus keeps it fairly lite, which is appreciated.

    Fifth Question: God, there are a lot. I would love an artifact that would increase my punching damage… but hmm. I don’t know. I ADORE oddities because they’re so uselessly weird. There is one oddity that I would love – it’s basically some sort of jar the fills with tasteless edible gunk every 12 hours. And I think there is an oddity that fills up a jug with water every day or so. I think those would be very useful

    Oh, and ‘Cool Pants’ is a punny oddity. Cool pants – pants that look stylish but are also slightly cold.

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