Numenera_HeaderWith recent combat resulting in a new pet for Miral, the travelers camp and enjoy a night of hopeful safety. Hope which soon turns to hysteria, when they learn their new companion is less eccentric and more unsettled. A Numenera Actual play.

Longshot Episodes

Theme Song: A Grave in the Woods by Daniel Allardyce

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3 comments on “Longshot Ep 30

  1. Sam says:

    So we now have:
    Trim Headstad, son of Idar, keeper of the Tomb of the Mother of Hammers
    Koen, hunter of Numenera, Savior of Whaleton and Singer of the song that ends the world

    May I suggest:
    Miral of the Lukoheda Clan, tamer of beasts and seeker of knowledge
    Varick and Vekis, Chosen of the Gods, Travelers if the Westwood and Sailors of the Sea of Secrets

    Valentine Tagos: The Deceiver

  2. Thanak Drahz says:

    That is awesome Sam, but how about an addition?
    Valentine Tagos: The Deceiver, wearer of the armor with just the shiniest patch you’ve ever seen

  3. Sam says:

    That is the best possible thing anyone could have added

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