Longshot Ep 70.5 Season 2 GTRT

Before our month long break from Numenera, the Fandible crew answer some questions and discuss their favorite moments from season 2 of their Numenera Campaign.

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12 comments on “Longshot Ep 70.5 Season 2 GTRT

  1. Gerd says:

    Nooooooooo, Numenera hiatus for four to five weeks! Aargh! 😉

    But seriously, it is much better to take a necessary break than to continue if you are mentally exhausted as a GM. So take your time and in the meantime, I will continue to catch up with all the EOTW episodes (which are so much fun to listen to). Angela is doing such a great job in presenting the apocalypses as you four are in trying to survive them “in style”.

    BTW: It is actually “Gerd” with a “hard” G, like in the word “good”. 😉

  2. William Coffing says:

    That’s enough from you, Jerd!

  3. Will Adams says:

    Great GTRT. Absolutely love the show, have loved following the elfin of the characters… Looking forward to season 3

    I’m a Geeky Dad who Works the Trains

  4. Will Adams says:

    Erm… Evolution of the characters (body autocorrect )

  5. Gerd says:

    Oh, almost forgot about that, so…

    … I’m a (slightly) mad scientist who teaches.

  6. Matthew Proehl says:

    Between talk about Miral’s cross-classing experience to Seeker and talk about Tagos’ usual position as party face, what do you think about moving Tagos over to a Glint? The more that I read about Glints, the more that I feel it fits Tagos’ character, and a “Glint who murders” is a really neat concept. Additionally, during this GTRT, David mentioned having some concerns about rolling a character with an allegedly long career of killing, but not being able to really stat out a starting character to reflect that. Maybe being a Glint could solve that, as well as his minor identity crisis…


  7. Billy Coffing says:

    From what I recall – and David can correct me if he wants – I don’t think David was a fan of the Glint. Or was it Jesus? I dunno. I know the topic was broached about it once, bu the consensus was while it might have fit a Tagos, it doesn’t really fit this Tagos. Maybe in some mirror universe, there is a glinty Tagos.

  8. FandibleDave says:

    I think we decided against it because the Glint so closely resembled my character from The Strange (at least in powers) and that character drives Jesus to drink. Also, without looking I can tell you if the Glint takes away my abilities of Jump High/Fall Far and Hedge Magic then hell no, I can’t part with them. The Glint is something we’ll look at again, though, since we’re going into Season 3 (3!!!) and we’re always interested in taking a character’s personal story in new directions.

  9. Warren says:

    To begin, love you guys and this story. Also, really enjoy how you treat sticking with a story for this length of time as being a crazy idea. 🙂

    There were a few times in that last session where you, Jesus and David, mention an “assassin book” that was good. What is that book?

    Jesus it’s totally legit to develop a story after a session or two, once you (and the players) have a better idea of who the PC’s are. Many times the characters we thought we were going to be playing are different than the ones we end up playing (at least that’s true for the people I play with).

    I agree with what I think David was saying, the XP should flow for “discoveries” and the group has made a lot of them over their adventures so far.

    Glad to hear GM intrusions used a little more liberally over the last session or two. If you’re still trying to stick pretty close to the rules, refusing an intrusion doesn’t just mean that the player misses out on that xp, they are actually supposed to pay one to the GM (kinda like refusing a FATE compel).

    While I think you’re right in some regards, Billy, that there isn’t a great deal of emphasis on balance, I don’t think it’s as bad as stated. For one thing, some foci trade being good most of the time, for being great some of the time. Being able to cure a disease / poison with a power is strong …when there are diseases and poisons, but useless the rest of the time. And the opportunity cost of being able to sometimes cure, is the ability to teleport as a lightning bolt, or be trained in every kind of social interaction, or to have the difficulty of every esotery improved by a step… (This is not to say that something like ‘Carries a Quiver’ makes any sense).

    To answer the question: a generous cyphering might be ‘A Curious Enthusiast Who Consumes Conundrums’; less generous might be ‘A Peevish Beancounter Who Tilts at Windmills’.

  10. William Coffing says:

    You’re dead to me still, Warren

  11. Warren says:

    Sorry Dible… I mean Billy.

  12. Thomas Mauldin says:

    Titan slam here.

    First Im a nice guy who works two jobs.

    David I love your character. Mr Tagos is the best. The way you roll with all the bad punches is amazing. The Old lady assassin was truly my favorite memory of this season.

    To all of y’all you do wonderful entertaining suto work. Every player character is full of character and y’all balance each other out so well. Nobody taking the lime light from anybody else. Truely the best actual play podcast out there.

    Jesus man your a great GM. Not perfect but nobody I’ve seen runs this like you.

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