New on Fandible: Review and Fair Use Policies

As avid gamers, there’s little the Fandible crew loves more than interacting with other people who love games just as much as we do. For us, those people tend to fall into two groups: the people who design the games we play, and the people who then listen to us play those games.

As part of an effort to better reach both of these groups, Fandible now has a review policy, as well as a fair use policy. The policies can be read here.

Why did we create these policies? Simple: we want to work with you, whoever “you” are! If you’re a game designer looking for new playtesters, we love seeing how games evolve during their development cycle. If you have a new Kickstarter to promote, we’d love to interview you for either a podcast or here on the Fandiblog. In fact, our first interviews of two designers currently funding games on Kickstarter are already in the works to be posted later this month! And while we’ve yet been formally asked to review a game by a designer, I promise that if and when it does happen, it will be clear that the game was provided to Fandible for review, but such requests will not filter into our assessment of the game.

But of course, there wouldn’t be much to Fandible without our intrepid listeners. From sharing our inside jokes, to gently correcting our use of rules (sorry 40K fans, but we’ll probably never get that game 100% right), to giving us the ultimate ego boost by asking for stats for a particular monster, or a write up of an adventure setting, comments from our listeners totally make our week. Our fair use policy is designed to acknowledge that we only exist because of the creativity of other people, but we often put a fair amount of creative work into these games ourselves. As many of us are aspiring designers, this policy is to formalize our permission to use our original creations freely in whatever campaigns you’re running for your friends (you don’t have to ask! Really!), just please don’t run off and build your own system to be published around one of our ideas. And of course, we still desperately want to hear about your own role playing exploits,  especially if a Fandible-inspired element is in there!

We’re excited about the new projects Fandible is working on into the new year. If there are any questions about our new policies, please feel free to ask, either in the comments here, or at Fandible AT Gmail.Com

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