NWOD_FeaturedLow on supplies, the discovery of a isolated tree house and nearby food gives the survivors a bit of hope. As always, such hope is short lived in a world ruled by the shambling.

Intro Music: The Dance Begins by Kevin Macleod

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3 comments on “Chronicles of Darkness: The Shambling Ep 3

  1. malkavianmadman says:

    Oh please say there was a typo in the schedule and this isn’t the last we see of the shambling

  2. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    Sadly, I am going to call it. Shambling was a fun time but it just comes down to time.

    Fandible has a million games we want to run, but we have only one Saturday a week to play them. I had to either continue Shambling or continue Billy-verse. True, I could have done both but there would have been massive lag between my stories.

    It’s like this…

    Week 1&2 – Unhallowed.
    Week 3&4 – God Machine
    Week 5&6 – HEX
    Week 7&8 – Billyverse
    Week 9&10 – Shadow Run
    and then back to the beginning.

    Essentially, I would be running into a situation where I would run a Billyverse once every three months. Not fun. By retiring Shambling, it allows for me to concentrate on something I feel the fans enjoy more (strictly based on the comments).

    But I am glad that you enjoyed Shambling. I hope those crazy characters find a good fort one day.

  3. malkavianmadman says:

    Thank you for clearing up the reasoning behind your decision. I can see where you are coming from.

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