Stuck on a jungle moon, what’s left of the 14th catachans unit must go through hostile territory to escape a possible bombardment. To do this, they must fight rampaging orks, a new ravenous enemy, and dice that apparently want to kill them.

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12 comments on “Only War: 99 Problems

  1. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    After playing this game, at least I can say “I have 99 problems but playing ‘Only War’ again ain’t one.”

  2. Ernie says:

    What do I winn? Woah Billy said it one more time, one sec

    OK good now!

  3. Arvandus says:

    @barsher Da Barsher As a GM, I should enjoy your suffering, but wow, this game even mad me feel pity.

    @Ernie You win an internet hive five and a healthy alcohol buzz.

  4. Ernie says:

    I forgot to mention, I personally haven’t had good luck with the “mini” rp books Fantasy Flight puts out for each system before release. To be honest I never finished Deathwatchs or Only War’s adventure when I played them, because we got bored. They tend to leave out a lot of the more fun and interesting rules, like from Deathwatch’s you have no access to squad commands and cohesion which is what made combat more then we shot you shot, who dies first. I almost never picked up the book, but when I saw there was much more to it I was glad I gave it a chance. Though like you guys mentioned at the end, it’s a combat oriented system where you play the Emperor’s redshirts. DH and RT seem to be the W40k systems that work best for group.

    Also, not enough summary executions from the commissar! Though he was going to shoot the one officer who wasn’t following order and the private who aimed a gun at him and spoke at the valk.

  5. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    Thanks, Ernie! We appreciate the feedback.

    I know several of the fandible listeners were excited about us playing Only War. How did we do? Do you think the game was ruined by our tremendous bad luck?

  6. Captain Stabby says:

    Yeah, just skimmed through that quickstart mission and it’s… lacking. Half the rules that actually make OW interesting aren’t there.

    I picked up the full book myself yesterday and tbh the only thing I can think of running is Aliens. 1 squad of Guard vs 1-2 Genestealers in an abandoned Hab block. Or maybe a Lictor, yeah, a Lictor for sure.

  7. Ernie says:

    You guys had the dice gods against you that day. I think some Billy-verse alien story would be cool, like Captain Stabby suggested.

    Warhammer games always have a focus on combat, but you guys seem to work around it always in your own ways. That what makes it interesting to me as a Warhammer vet of 10+ years.(That hurt to think about at the age of 21, 10 year now I know why I am poor)

  8. crawlkill says:

    my advice is to be a terrible person and pirate a new system before you spring for a $60 copy. if y’like it, theeen you can go invest. if not, well, send that “don’t make more stuff like this” market signal.

  9. Jazon says:

    Real nice one guys!
    Sounds like you had alot of fun.
    Whens the next hollow earth adventure coming? 🙂

  10. Daniel says:

    We actually just played Hollow Earth tonight, so, I think you can probably expect that to be posted sometime next month, Jazon. 🙂 Expect hijinks, and more of Angela’s awesome GMing. 😀

  11. Jazon says:

    Awesome!! FOR SCIENCE!

  12. WargamerX says:

    Jesus does not fail! I think you guys are still the only Only War actual play. Thanks!

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