Pitfall Season 1

Welcome to Pitfall. Every week, several New York City Improvisors bring their comedic talents to various tabletop RPG’s. Dive in each week to worlds of adventure, comedic mishap, and ridiculous circumstances.

These episodes are from the first season of Pitfall. For the latest episode, click here.

Date: February 5th

Players: Katie Hammond; Chris Griggs; Sarah Nowak

Game: Dungeons & Dragons

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Date: February 12th

Players: Langston Belton; Heather Jewels Booth; Matthew Gametime Jones; Joel Shaughnessy;

Game: Star Trek Adventures

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Date: February 19th

Players: Michelle Drozdick; Annie-Sage Whitehurst; Becky Goodman; Kimberly Alu

Game: The End of the World

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Date: February 26th

Players: Laura Merli; Adrian Sexton; Leslie Bowen; Marcus Haugen

Game: Tiny Dungeon

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Date: March 4th

Players: Pete LePage; Justin Tyler; Alex Zalben

Game: Prowlers & Paragons

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Players: Dana Shulman; Abbie Harper; Joe Albano; Sunny Atwal; Josh Flitter; Nick Carrillo

Game: Dread