Planescape: Welcome to Sigil part 2 of 2

Planescape_FeaturedA path open before them, the three enter the Society of Sensation. Will the sensory stones lead them to answers, or overwhelm them with their memories?

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3 comments on “Planescape: Welcome to Sigil part 2 of 2

  1. Jake says:

    How to summarize this game:

    “I’m going to say I can eat people – if that’s okay.”
    “That’s fine. You ate a guy. That’s up to you.”


  2. Lucek says:

    I’m still not sure what I listened to???

    What little I do know is penny made the game. And yeah stuff apparently happened.

  3. Jake says:

    Yeah, Penny playing a class designed to outrun and outfight everyone as a trickster monkey was delightful. It’s entirely possible she got handed the Fandible trick dice, designed to always roll a “2” so that you can fail and thus advance the pot.

    Also David if you’re not a fan of the Witch, you could look into the Oracle path. Divine spellcasters make a little more sense thematically for what you’re playing. A Black-Blooded Oracle with the Outer Rifts Mystery is reasonably similar (I think) to what you were going for. You’ll just have to change the toxic blood to you vomiting up your digestive system at people.

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