Planet Mercenary Ep 3: For Hire 2 of 2

After a crash landing, the mercenaries must head to a nearby city to find their target and get paid. Thankfully, the local mafia is more then willing to give them aid.

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1 comment on “Planet Mercenary Ep 3: For Hire 2 of 2

  1. Southernskeis says:

    With regard to the debrief about being too attached to your characters to allow death, pg286 covers this.
    1. Nanny-bag the body.
    2. Finish the session with your Promoted Grunt
    3. Decide *after* the game if the nanny-bag worked (or PC retires anyway) and choose which character to continue playing with next adventure.

    If you continue playing the original character, the Promoted Grunt can’t go back into the pool (as they are now full characters). Which sort of fits how HoTay expanded his crew in the first few years; see ‘Jeb’ and ‘Shep’ when they were introduced as speaking characters.

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