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Fandible Most Popular April

Don’t miss a thing on Fandible! Check out our most-visited posts of April 2016.

  1. Longshot: Numenera Episode 1
    The Fandible Longshot finally launched, with the first episode in our weekly Numenera campaign. One billion years in the future, the Earth is a truly unfamiliar place. A hodgepodge of strange creatures, bizarre devices, and relics of past civilizations. It is a beautiful and cruel world in equal measure. In this land of wonders, four people will begin a journey that, by its end, may shake the planet to the very core.
  2. Four Roleplaying Games We Want to Get Our Grubby Hands On!
    Billy puts together his gaming wishlist for tax-refund season. TimeWatch, Rotted Capes, The End of the World: Robotic Invasion, and Part Time Gods of Fate all make the coveted short list.
  3. The End of the World: Everything is A-Okay
    A group of friends gather for their weekly card game. Life is good and they rejoice in each other’s company. As the cards are dealt, they all learn to never give up on friendship when the chips are down. Starring Angela Lansbury.
  4. Doctor Magnethands: Strange Heroes
    A death robot trying to do good and a man with chicken legs must stop a man with magnets for hands from destroying the White House. Can you tell we were drunk while playing this game?
  5. The One That Got Away: GMing a Rotted Capes Game
    Billy finally gets to run a Rotted Capes game! Not only that, but he also took the time to create a Rotted Capes Quick Reference Guide for you all! 

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