Rotted Capes

Rotted_CapesIn a world of superheroes, a zombie plague has devastated the population. Now the lines between hero and villain are blurred as the living must survive in a world of the super-powered dead.

Rotted Capes actual play episodes

Ep 1: Dead City

Ep 2: Strange Allies / part 2

Ep 3: Human Error

Ep 4: Renewed Identities / part 2

Ep 5: Beneficial Madness / part 2

Ep 6: Burnt Offerings

Ep 7: Harsh Beginnings

Ep 8: Ideal Fantasies

Ep 9: Twisted Morals / part 2 

Ep 10: Patriotic Enslavement / part 2

Ep 11: Scary Zombies (And Super Z’s) / part 2

Ep 12: The Swamp lands of Idaho / part 2

Ep 13: Arrival at Nightbane

Ep 14: Battle for Nightbane / part 2

Ep 15: Secrets of Nigthbane

Ep 16: The Vault

Ep 17: Robotic Revivals / part 2

Ep 18: Twas The Night / part 2 / part 3

Ep 19: Deadly Reunions / part 2

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Rotted Capes is published by Paradigm Concepts. Support Fandible by purchasing through one of the links below.
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