With the tension between enclaves rising, a mistake in judgement may spell the end of any hope for peace.

Intro Music: Hitman by Kevin Macleod

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5 comments on “Rotted Capes Ep 6: Burnt Offerings

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    3 Things:
    1, Great ep, this story and these charters are damn interesting.
    2, Strauss, that gerbil is a loving father to over a dozen children…not unlike Hakeim.
    3 is long form: all that talk of Pi Day remind me of my favorite twist of the big holiday here in Utah: Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day (July 24), is an official state holiday that honors the (Mormon) Pioneers that came Utah after they had been run out of eveywhere else.
    It has more parades and local fire work shows than the 4th of July.
    Where there is over-bearing religion, there is counter culture; thus:
    Pie and Beer Day! Pizza, Dessert, or both and Beer; fuck it: it’s Pie and Beer Day!

  2. Warren says:

    (For Jesus)

  3. Green says:

    That was pretty intense! It’s amazing how politics are coming up as the forefront danger right now. You would think the Patrician being back and the lack of control of the, what is it, War Machine? would press those to the side.

    I’m glad that Torchlight was saved. And now I eagerly await Sentry’s plans.

    Oh, also, I think the strongest beast in Star Wars (at least in the new canon) is the Zillo Beast from the Clone Wars. It’s basically Godzilla, with lightsaber resistance to boot.

  4. Jake says:

    I am really enjoying the feeling that this is a world that has essentially fallen apart, and people are trying to hold on to the parts that they think are worth saving. Wanda and Goldshot’s arguments were perfect, and I wish we could have the first Enclave Debate between characters to settle what was right.

    I personally came down on the side strongly opposed to Torchlight in this episode, because it’s been YEARS guy. Everyone’s lost people in the apocalypse and they’re all trying to hold it together day by day and not dwell on the fact that they might’ve had to shoot their husband because they walked in on him eating their two-month old baby in the crib. No one’s made it this far without losing people. Why I heard there was a little girl who’d basically grown up in the zombie apocalypse that only lost her family a few weeks ago. Why aren’t you thinking about her!?

  5. I just finished this episode yesterday (I know I’m way behind) and goddamn you guys for getting me right in the feels.

    First of all the roleplay in this episode was amazing from start to finish. From Torchlight’s apathy and resignation to Goldshot’s righteous indignation. The way David played the whipping scene and the events leading up to it was just, wow. It’s been awhile and I don’t remember why Shepard is siding with the EFH but you can tell by the end of the episode he’s conflicted.

    Which leads us to the end of the episode. After losing his sister form the second time Torchlight tries to kill himself. At first I didn’t understand what I was hearing. I was like nah, he meant he shot his sister in the head. Then I was like WTF.

    When Goldshot walked over and put her hand on his shoulder that was the first one. Such a simple gesture but so profound then when Torchlight began sobbing, Goldshot’s awkward reaction to his emotional state, that was number two. But the biggest punch in the gut was Shepard walking in with the shovel and the bible and before he could even say anything there was a hitch in my breath and a tear in my eye.

    All this in a superhero game. Great job guys this is why you’re one of the best!

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