Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Sibling Rivalry

The brothers of the Sibling Rivalry smuggling operation have been hired by an enigmatic figure to fetch an impossible bounty, that’s going to put them up against some of the strongest forces in the galaxy, all in service of the biggest pay day they’ve ever seen.
“Machinations” Kevin MacLeod (
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3 comments on “Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Sibling Rivalry

  1. Hands of Fate says:

    Thank you for taking the plunge into the Star Wars Rpg again guys.

    Now only one holy grail remains: L5R.

  2. Shush says:

    Shush coming at you with a rules correction!

    At around the 1:47:20 on the recording it is stated that throwing uses the Melee skill. Reasonable in the context, but this is incorrect. Throwing actually uses the Ranged (Light) skill.

    The skill descriptions are a little vague in some of the rulebooks, but the weapons table helpfully states it clearly. (Table 5-5: Ranged Weapons in the gear section.)

  3. Billy says:

    Thanks Shush for keeping us up to date! We’ll look to implement this correction in the future!

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