*Warning* The first 13 mins is us listening to the last 13 mins of the last game trying to remember what happened. Then promising not to drink as much this game. That was a lie…

The inter-dimensional con artists continue their antics in a world where you have to catch them all… OR DIE!

The Strange Episodes

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4 comments on “The Strange Ep 11: Gotta Catch Them all

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    GrassMons are Fucked yo.

  2. Thanak Drahz says:

    Absolutely brilliant chaos as usual, even the first 13 minutes Jesus warned us about. It probably wouldn’t work as a recurring thing but I would love to hear a full episode of the Rebel Radio crew (or even all of Fandible) MST3King the drunken ramblings of a previously recorded Rebel Radio broadcast.
    Recursion to torture Harold and Callisto with: 80s Action Movie World. With their SOP of lying their way through situations before stealing and/or exploding everything, the con artists will fit the villain mold for the recursion perfectly. Unfortunately the local laws of physics fully expect them to try to talk the hero over to their side before he kills them with a pithy one-liner. How will our “heroes” get out of this one?

  3. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Per the end of episode request: Pulp Adventure Diesel Punk world ruled by air superiority. Basically I would love to see them one of favorite video games,Crimson Skies; they could be rock’n sky Pirates.

  4. Helseth says:

    Glad to hear the Strange continues…
    Harold and Callisto must have been really creeped out by the Kemon, they didn’t even loot the giant demon corpse on the way out!

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