The Strange

The Strange RPG actual playThe Strange. A dark energy network where myth and stories become reality. In this setting, a team of thieves started a simple heist that would lead them into an adventure that spans worlds.

The Strange actual play episodes

Ep 1: Crow Hollow

Ep 2: Curse of the Machine God

Ep 3: Gloaming/ part 2

Ep 4: Pantamal

Ep 5: Cataclyst

Ep 6: Atom Nocturne

Ep 7: Guild Crashers

Ep 8: Crowd Control

Ep 9: Epic Raid / part 2

Ep 10: Welcome to Earth

Ep 11: Gotta Catch Them All

The Strange is published by Monte Cook Games. Support Fandible by purchasing through one of the links below.
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