Agent Carter

Supergirl is the Best Show of the Fall

I’ve noted before that superheroes are taking over TV, and between the newly re-named Green Arrow stepping up in Star City, The Flash opening up interdimensional gateways to release new superheroes and villains, and the Agents of SHIELD having some honest-to-goodness supers on the team now, it’s never been more true. And now we have Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, on screen every week.

And I have never been so excited to sit down and watch a TV show in my life.

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Marvel’s Agent Carter as Inspiration for Your Next Pulp Game

Marvel’s Agent Carter: great show? Or GREATEST show for pulp gaming inspiration? Angela lists five ways Peggy Carter can inspire your pulp RPGs like Spirit of the Century or (of course) Hollow Earth Expedition.

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