Unique Settings for Superhero RPGs

While waiting for his precious Age of Ultron movie, Billy talks about a few of his favorite unique superhero RPG settings.

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I’ve Created a Monster: Gloryhog

There are moments where you, as a GM, can look upon your work and realize you’ve created perfection. A scenario or NPC which will define a game and live on in RPG history. For me, that moment came in the form of the greatest monster my players would ever face in our Rotted Capes campaign….

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Dread: Beneath a Metal Sky

A crew of ship flying misfits encounter a abandoned colony ship floating freely in space. Dollar signs in their eyes, they trek inside, expecting a treasure trove of artificats and gear. Instead, they encounter residents more then willing to show them the literary works of their culture. First book on the menu, “To Serve Man”. Other Games

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