That. Was. Bloody. Brutal.

We always like a challenge here at Fandible, from complex game mechanics, strange settings to beta testing indie games, we’re willing to throw ourselves at any gaming obstacle in sight. When a British Podcast, The Cult of Tea and Dice, engaged us in a friendly wager of “who can imitate the other podcast’s accent the best” (which is already ridiculous because we don’t even have accents) we knew it was “go time.”

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Heavy Petting

Let’s talk about pets in RPGs. Whether it’s a wizard’s familiar, a ranger’s companion, a Rogue Trader’s gyrinx, or someone’s trained circus monkey during the zombie apocalypse, pets have long played an important role in many tabletop RPG’s. For some players, the idea of having an intelligent, exotic pet to accompany you in your adventures is all kinds of exciting- just like for many GM’s, the mere thought of having to keep track of a pet in addition to the PC’s is enough to drive them to drink.

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5 Things to do to Survive a Blizzard Alone

When the weatherman tells you that your dreams are shattered, that your only hope for respite is gone, you’ve failed your roll versus weather! A blizzard is going to hit! Or a flood! Or a Sharknado! Regardless of what weather disaster strikes, you feel a pang of sadness as your friends begin cancelling on you. One by one they fall until the only person left who is willing to game with you for the weekend is your cat…

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