Helpful Resources for Star Wars by Fantasy Flight Games!

Billy shows off some helpful resources players and GMs can use for the ‘Star Wars Roleplaying Game’ from Fantasy Flight Games.

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Bagthulhu – The Most Adorable of Cthulhu Gaming Accessories

Tabletop role playing is a hobby that has lots of opportunities for accessorizing – dice, cards, miniatures, dice trays. Few of these are needed for playing, but it’s undeniably fun when we have a complete matching set of dice, or find a storage option that fits in perfectly with our mundane interior decorating scheme.

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The Dice of Despair

I am, in general, not a superstitious person. I don’t mind black cats, broken mirrors (beyond the obvious “well shit I have to pay for that”) and I don’t believe that cracks that I walk on have anything to do with my mother’s chiropractic health. I believe firmly that science and reasonable deduction can explain anything, from the strangest occurrence to the weirdest of situations. With this in mind, I would like to posit the following: I have been cursed, but I may have found a way to rid myself of this otherworldly affliction.

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