5 Things to do to Survive a Blizzard Alone

When the weatherman tells you that your dreams are shattered, that your only hope for respite is gone, you’ve failed your roll versus weather! A blizzard is going to hit! Or a flood! Or a Sharknado! Regardless of what weather disaster strikes, you feel a pang of sadness as your friends begin cancelling on you. One by one they fall until the only person left who is willing to game with you for the weekend is your cat…

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GTRT Ep 27: Resolutions, Food, & Lingo

5 Geeks. One Roundish Table. This month, we talk about our gaming resolutions, our favorite gaming food, and the gaming lingo that has cropped up around the table.

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Three More Nerdy Holiday Traditions for Grown Ups

Thanksgiving marks the traditional start of the holiday season. Just in time, Fandible shares three more nerdy holiday traditions for the season.

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