Stranger Things

In Defense of Episode 7 of Stranger Things 2

The Lost Sister, episode 7 of Stranger Things 2, is a controversial episode. But it’s also incredibly important to the format of the second series. (SPOILERS for episodes 6-8 of Stranger Things 2!)

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3 More Perfect Summer RPGs

It’s been two years since I first published the list of the 5 Best Summer Role Playing Games, and A LOT of new games have come out since then! So as New York waits out another interminable heat wave (hello heat dome – now does that sound like a wizard’s spell or what?), here are…

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Stranger Things on Netflix is Strange and Wonderful

Netflix’s new original series ‘Stranger Things’ just released! And Billy spent an entire day mainlining it! Did he love it? Did he hate it?
Who am I kidding, Billy loved it.

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