With the concerns of communism and reefer madness taken care of, the team hopes for an easy night, but when a bigger threat emerges their clandestine plans and reality itself begins to unravel.

Music by samplechopper on Fiverr.

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9 comments on “Technocracy: The Union 2 of 2

  1. CalmeIshma3l says:

    Happy Belated Bday to Dan!

  2. NateD says:

    Grrrrreat game, guys! And that intro music was excellent, particularly with the insane ramblings layered over it.

    Am I right in thinking (hoping?) that there WILL still be more to come?

  3. Blar Blarson says:

    Is there anywhere we could get that custom track for ourselves? It was pretty cool, and I wouldn’t mind listening to it without a whole podcast attached.

  4. FandibleDave says:

    Hey all, the song will be available for Patreon supporters soon as soon as Jesus works his magic. I’m glad to see such interest in the track! Maybe I should get another one for my Shadowrun games.

  5. Fabian says:

    Cool game, even if most of it was spent watching reality go bonkers. Honestly it hardly seems worth it to be a mage when calamity is just one dice roll away!

  6. FandibleDave says:

    @NateD I am planning to run more of these games, but I duct taping two divergent systems together (Ascension and Awakening) is posing a whole slew of problems. Also I meant the story arch to take more time developing but it was Dan’s birthday so I catered to his love of sci-fi, Mage and chaos.

    @Fabian The issue of Paradox changes significantly from Ascension to Awakening and I was using Awakening’s rules to try them out. Mages have the capacity to do nearly anything that they can think up within the realm of their “Magical” (or Scientific) abilities, but they have to be careful not to piss off Reality. So yeah, calamity is one dice roll away, but the upside is flexibility and power.

    Besides, I wanted the players to see that reality can go totally bonkers. (I love that term so much I might make it it’s own category of Paradox Backlash.)

    Thanks for listening, everybody!

  7. Warren says:

    …’pinky swearing’ That was just wonderful.

  8. Nightspider says:

    I would personally love to hear a continuation of this story line.
    This was a very entertaining and interesting foray into “Science”. Having the Captain America Vibe that Daniel was speaking of, sounds like a really baller way to reminisce on these first 2 episodes while blasting into the future.
    Sounds amazing!

  9. DiploRaptor says:

    I am the Raptor of Diplo saying still a meh episode to me and that i need to catch up on the last 2 or 3 years of content.

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