The End of the World: Beneath The Surface

The four bachelors get a boat load of fake news. Oceans rise. Cities fall. Sammy’s forever.

Intro Music: Controlled Chaos by Kevin Macleod

The End of the World Episodes

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3 comments on “The End of the World: Beneath The Surface

  1. Memnochas says:

    Great show again! Will admit Billy’s “rubar” was killing my brain.

  2. Luckyviking says:

    What next the boys survive the snap

  3. Dean Bailey says:

    I have just finished listening to the entire series and once again, great job

    I loved how the characters and their histories developed through each episode, and with the introduction of the bachelorettes, it just added a new dimension.

    I am just waiting to learn that Cathy is bitter because she has just broken up with he boyfriend, Jeremy who has run off with some floozy 🙂

    Again good job, can’t wait for the next one.

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